Mosaic Grate for Copper Sink

  • Protects the bottom of your sink from dents and scratches
  • Bronze Finish
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • For single and double well sinks
  • Limited Supply
Starting At: $195
Prices Vary Based on Options Selected
Product Description

Limited Supply

The Mosaic Sink Grate is available for those who seek greater protection for SoLuna Copper Sinks from heavy pots and pans. 

The Mosaic Sink Grate includes a rubber base. Grates are available in many sizes to accommodate the variety of styles of SoLuna Copper Standard and Farmhouse Sinks.

To order, select the size and style of your sink for the grate that is best suited to your copper sink. Measurements without an accomodating style will fit both the Farmhouse and Standard sinks. For double well copper sinks, please call 1.877.340.0800and one of our experts will be glad to complete your order.

Regularly wash your bronze finish grate in hot soapy water, rinse with hot water and dry. Do not allow cleaners to remain in contact with your grate for long periods of time as this may induce spotting. If stubborn stains occur rinse grate and apply copper glo with a damp rag. Wash in hot soapy water, rinse and dry. Warning: Do not use abrasive cleaners these will scuff and/or scratch the finish. Do not use high alkaline cleaners these will wear the finish. Do not clean in dishwasher most dishwasher detergents have a high alkaline content.

Product Specifications

Various - see below

Height - 1/2"

Grate for (sink size outside dimension):

Limited Supply
15" Square - G78 - $195
18" Square - G6 - $275
22" Single Well - G107 - $225
25" Single Well - G122 - $400
33" Rounded Flat Ends Single Well - G95 - $500
33" 50/50 Double Well - G90 - $300 per well
33" 60/40 Double Well - G12 - $360 large well only
36" 50/50 Double Well - G4 - $300 per well
36" 60/40 Double Well Small - G107 - $225
36" 60/40 Double Well Large - G127 - $345
42" 50/50 Double Well - G68 - $410 per well

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