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Compare Copper Sinks – Big Box vs SoLuna

What do you get when you buy a SoLuna copper sink versus a Lowe’s or Home Depot copper sink? You get a lot more for your money, and we have summed up the details for you to see for yourself.

Lowe’s and Home Depot may be offering a similar copper farmhouse sink for slightly less than what we sell ours for, but what are they asking you to sacrifice at that price?

We purchased a farmhouse sink from each of these big box stores to conduct a side-by-side comparison. In our testing, we found several issues with their copper sinks that you should be aware of.

Copper Sink Craftmanship

What first jumped out at us is the hammer patterns on the sinks. The purpose for hammering copper is both structural and aesthetic. Hammering copper creates a stronger surface area than copper that is not hammered. With the Lowe’s copper sink, you see sparse, shallow and inconsistent hammer pits on their sink.

Lowes Copper Sink
Lowes Copper Farmhouse Sink

Our SoLuna copper sinks have a consistently tighter hammering pattern that produces a harder and more durable copper sink with an appealing look that displays skill and quality.

SoLuna Copper Sink
SoLuna Copper Farmhouse Sink

Copper Sink Finish (patina)

While examining the Lowe’s copper sink, the finish rubbed off in many places (below) while handling it during our testing.

Lowes Copper Sink Finish 1   Lowes Copper Sink Finish 2

Over the course of time and normal wear and tear, one can conclude that the initial appearance will not hold up.

The finish of the copper sinks from Home Depot and Lowe’s is not applied in the same way as our SoLuna copper sinks. The SoLuna patina process has been developed by generations of coppersmiths with years of experience applying specific techniques to achieve high-quality results. SoLuna copper sinks are offered in four finishes (below, from L to R): Matte Copper, Café Natural, Dark Smoke, and Rio Grande. The SoLuna copper sink finishes are deeper, richer and more luxurious, and are virtually maintenance free.

Copper Sink Finishes
SoLuna Copper Sink Finishes


Copper Sink Construction

Copper farmhouse sinks typically require structural supports attaching the bottom of the apron to the sink well. The Lowe’s and Home Depot’s copper farmhouse sink supports were welded at only a few points with a shiny weld material, suggesting an alloy of some type. This minimal approach to welding can result in the failure of these supports during shipping or installation in your kitchen. In the photo below, you see damage to the supports in the Home Depot’s sink that was crushed and bent during shipment to us, resulting in a damaged, hard to repair front apron.

Home Depot Copper Sink     Lowes Copper Sink
Home Depot Copper Farmhouse Sink and Lowes Copper Farmhouse Sink Welds

In contrast, the supports on our SoLuna copper farmhouse sinks (below) are copper rod TIG welded along the entire length of the support where it attaches to the apron and to the well of the sink. SoLuna copper sinks display superior craftsmanship, and thicker copper is evident—the result is a sink built to last a lifetime.

Home Depot Copper Sink   Lowes Copper Sink
SoLuna TIG Copper Weld

We also offer our exclusive Fernanda farmhouse sink which includes these important features:

  • The Fernanda sink is closed on the bottom and sides of the apron. While giving the sink a more finished look, it creates an increased solidity and substantial feel to the sink. Closing off the bottom of the apron prevents small hands from going up inside and provides a finished look if the apron front is installed extended out from the cabinet.
  • The Fernanda sink also features an X pattern in the bottom of the well---this helps facilitate drainage and gives the sink a distinctive look.
Soluna Fernanda Copper Farmhouse Sink


Copper Sink Gauge/Weight

Another measurement of quality is the actual weight of the copper sink. The Lowe’s farmhouse sink (33” x 22” x 9”) weighs 35 lbs. Our similar model SoLuna farmhouse sink at the same size weighs 40 lbs., and our Fernanda copper sink weighs 42 lbs., which means our farmhouse sinks are up to 20% heavier!

Copper thickness is measured by gauge. The smaller the gauge of the metal the thicker the copper. All our SoLuna kitchen sinks are made from 14-gauge copper, the thickest available on the market for copper kitchen sinks. Although Lowe’s and Home Depot claims their sinks are made of 14-gauge copper, the true weight suggests a much lighter and thinner 15-16 gauge.

The thickness of copper will have a significant effect on how well the sink wears over time. Thicker copper is especially important for kitchen sinks that see a lot of action and heavy use every day. So, always check the gauge when shopping for copper sinks. A thicker gauge will be more expensive at first, but it will outlast thinner copper sinks and prove its value through longevity.


Copper Sink Noise

A lighter/thinner gauge copper produces a tinny, hollow sound when water flows from the faucet into the well of the sink. Often lower quality sinks are insulated with foam blocks to help dampen the loud, drumming sound.

When testing these sinks for sound, we found a significant difference. Our SoLuna copper sink generated a low frequency, softer sound, signaling a more substantial, thicker product. Both the Lowe’s and Home Depot’s copper sinks generated a higher, tinny sound when tested under the same conditions. The “big box” sinks will likely need insulation around the well(s) under the sink to muffle the noise.


Customer Service

Copper Sinks Online has close to two decades of experience working with customers from across the globe that come to us for initial questions before their copper sink purchase, and because of our quality, knowledgeable service, they buy from us.

What is interesting is how many phone calls and emails we receive from customers of Lowe’s, Home Depot, somebody selling sinks on eBay or another online competitor after they purchase a sink there. They come to us after they are unable to get answers to their questions – or even get somebody to respond to their problem. The last thing anyone wants is to buy something from a company who cannot really support or provide knowledgeable information and answers about the products they sell.

Here is an example of a Home Depot customer coming to us for service and expertise a few months later:

Home Depot Farmhouse Sink

Subject: “Please help me”
Message: “I bought this copper sink from home depot about 2 months ago, last night I notice a black spot on the left sink, I tried to clean with ketchup, and got all light color, no darker like the right sink, what should I do now?” — M. T., from CA

If this customer purchased a SoLuna copper sink from Copper Sinks Online, our staff would have educated this person in the care and maintenance of a copper sink. We suspect the staff at Home Depot simply could not help her, so she came to us for help and knowledgeable answers. Because of this, it is safe to imply we are recognized as an authority on copper sinks.

Our sales staff is truly knowledgeable and can assist with questions or concerns, and can help coordinate faucets, sinks, lighting, and accessories for your project. Part of our customer service also includes offering our Guides & Information section of our website as a reference tool for those considering a copper sink purchase.



You can buy any SoLuna copper sink with confidence knowing they are lead-free and crafted by the most talented coppersmiths in the world. Our artisans take pride in their work and skill that has been handed down through their generations.

SoLuna copper sinks have set the standard for artisan quality copper sinks. We have a proven track record, having sold our sinks to tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

A SoLuna copper sink may cost a little more initially than one from Home Depot or Lowe’s, but it is clear our copper sinks are vastly superior, and our customer service is second to none.

A kitchen sink is often the focal point and an important “tool” in the kitchen, and at our affordable prices, superior quality and great service, there should be no reason to accept anything less than genuine SoLuna copper.