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Copper Range Hoods

These unique Copper Range Hoods are designed, and hand hammered by SoLuna coppersmiths and can be customized for your project. Imagine your copper kitchen sink paired with one of these hand-crafted range hoods - your kitchen will be complete! Call us with any special requests, we will work hard to accommodate your project.


SoLuna Copper Range Hoods

Please note that the range hoods we sell are decorative copper range hood shells ONLY - hood insert is not included. We strongly advise that you decide on the hood insert before buying a copper range hood from us. Knowing the hood insert model and dimensions is important to ensure the copper range hood fits properly for optimum performance. We recommend hoods be installed 30 to 36 inches above the cooktop. Its width should be equal to the cooktop's, or up to 6 inches wider according to preference.

Types of Copper Range Hood Inserts

A ducted copper range hood must be connected to a duct with pipes that carry the airborne particles away from the kitchen to the outdoors. This is what differentiates it from a ductless copper range hood, which instead just recirculates through a filter and then back into the kitchen.