How to Buy Your First Copper Sink

How to buy your first copper sink.


There are many considerations when you set out to buy a copper sink. Things like copper purity, gauge (thickness), construction technique, the patina, style, size, position of the install (drop-in, under-mount, or vessel), but even before all these the most important consideration is the company who will sell you the sink.

Just as with anything you buy, from a pair of shoes to your next car, the brand and features are important of course, but even more important are the people on the other side of the sale. Why? Because these are the people you will deal with when the shoe rips at the seam or if the car turns out to have the qualities of a lemon.

Inexpensive copper sinks can be found on auction sites, big box stores and on the web too. Often auction sites sell cheap sinks without a vendor’s warranty and the big box stores rarely have a knowledgeable someone standing with you to answer your questions. And, if the product you bought doesn’t fit correctly or is damaged in some way will you be able to easily satisfy the problem?

The question is how do you find a company you can rely on? There are several things to look for when looking for a company that will support you every step of the way from purchase to delivery and beyond.

  1. The company you choose to buy your sink from should have a history of offering quality products and satisfied customers. Look for solid customer reviews when deciding where to buy.
  2. The company should offer customer service with knowledgeable, attentive personnel who are available for consultation and to answer questions. (If the company doesn’t have a phone number, or if you call and get stuck in a voice-mail loop and no one calls you back, that would be a bad sign.)
  3. The company should offer a warranty against defects and stand behind their products. This is too important to overlook and is worth paying a little more for.
  4. A reputable dealer will provide their shipping location and clearly state their warranty and return policies.
  5. The company should offer customization of their products. There are standard sinks for standard installs and then there are installs that require customization. The company you choose should easily help you with any customizations you may require.

Bottom line, you won’t be buying a copper sink every day so be sure you get to know the company you choose and be sure they will support your purchase every step of the way. You won’t be sorry if you take a little time to make the right choice.