Health Benefits of Copper Sinks and Bathtubs

Health Benefits of Copper Sinks and Bathtubs

Copper is not only attractive and malleable but also among the most durable metals. One of the major reasons why people adore copper sinks and bathtubs is because of their beautiful look; however, there are many other reasons why you should consider your sinks and bathtubs to be made of copper. There are general and health benefits of having copper sinks and bathtubs. Indeed you will find many good reasons to invest in a fine copper product when reading our buying guide, but let’s start here:


General Benefits of copper sinks and copper bathtubs


  1. They are easy to care for

Since you regularly use the sinks and bathtubs, you don’t need any maintenance.

  1. They can last for generations

Copper sinks and bathtubs are not only practical and beautiful, they are highly resilient and cannot be easily destroyed which makes them last for many centuries.

  1. They become more beautiful with time

Depending on the environment, the tone and color of your copper sinks and bathtubs will naturally deepen as they age.

  1. They “heal” themselves

In case you happen to scratch the surface of your sink or bathtub and turn out to be shiny, you will not require any procedure to fix it. After a short period of time, the scratch will begin to darken and blend in back to the original color of your sink or bathtub.

  1. They do not crack or rust

Unlike many sinks and bathtubs made from other metals, copper sinks and bathtubs do not crack or rust as the years pass by.


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Health Benefits of copper sinks and copper bathtubs


The following are different health benefits associated with the use of copper sinks and bathtubs.

  1. They are antibacterial

Studies show that bacteria can only survive for a few hours on copper unlike days on stainless steel and even lives longer on any other kinds of bath and kitchen surfaces. You will no longer require all the antibacterial and disinfectants products for your copper sinks and bathtubs because bacteria cannot live on copper. This means that copper sinks and bath tabs are safer compared to the ones made from porcelain or stainless steel.

  1. Has restorative effect

Copper has a restorative effect on connective tissue and joint movement by reducing inflammation related to tendonitis, rheumatism, sports injuries, osteoporosis, and arthritis. Your body will absorb small amounts of copper every time you touch the surface of your bathtub or sink. Unlike many anti-inflammatory drugs, you will not experience any of the gastrointestinal side effects. 

  1. Wrinkle treatment

Everyone wants to remain to look young for as long as they live. Unfortunately, aging is a subject that scientists are yet to solve completely. However, there are thousands of products that restore the skin to minimize the effects of aging. Many of these products contain copper as one of their ingredients. This is because of copper assisting in the development of collagen production which helps in filling the fine lines and tightens the skin fold. You will be exposed to these benefits when you absorb small amounts of copper as you frequently get into contact with your copper sinks and bathtubs.

  1. Skincare

When you use your copper sink and bathtub every day, they improve your skin moisturizing. In addition, according to many specialists, copper sinks and bathtubs assists in skin irritation, healing wounds, and skin regeneration. That’s why most of these skincare products have copper as one of the ingredients.

  1. Hair-care

If you have a copper bathtub, you get more than a refreshing bath because copper is a solution to different hair related problems. Additionally, copper will give a nourishing treatment to hair and scalp follicles.


Copper is a metal that enables you to get a unique, stylish and elegant design of your desire along with medicinal benefits that no other material can provide. Not only is it popular with specialized medical facilities where good hygiene is a priority: but also with decorators and homeowners with a fine taste.