How To Clean a Copper Sink
The fact is, copper is a living element. A copper sink will change tones, depending on how you're using it and how well you're caring for the finish.
Health Benefits of Copper Sinks and Bathtubs
One of the major reasons why people adore copper sinks and bathtubs is because of their beautiful look; however, there are many other reasons why you should consider your sinks and bathtubs to be made of copper.
Copper Bathtubs: 5 awesome ideas for your bathroom
Copper Bathtubs: 5 awesome ideas for your bathroom
Copper in the bathroom is now a remarkable component to differentiation. If you really want to break away from the pack with bathroom decoration this is for you.
Copper Sink Maintenance and Care
The beauty of your hand hammered copper sink is in its organic qualities. Copper is a metal that changes and evolves with time as it reacts with various elements and as it ages it becomes even more beautiful. Your sink is a unique, living and functional work of art. By following a few simple steps you can maintain it’s beauty for years to come.
Correcting Unwanted Copper Patina Colors
People have different preferences when it comes to copper tones. For those who pay close attention to color variations and want to “fix” their copper sink of these variations whether man-made or natural, here you will find useful information and directions to guide you through do-it-yourself methods for correcting unwanted copper patina colors.
Will Your Copper Sink Turn Green?
Will Your Copper Sink Turn Green?
Known as verdigris, this green pigment happens to copper, brass, and bronze when it’s exposed to seawater or salt air at the time of weathering.
Can You Make a Custom Sink for Me?
We can make almost anything you can imagine! Because all of our copper sinks are hand-made, it is relatively simple to make a custom sink for you.
Unique Copper Mirrors
Unique Copper Mirrors
If you are in search of a high quality, unique mirror frame that can accentuate your elegant, rustic, or modern bathroom décor, look no further than artisan copper.
How to Buy Your First Copper Sink
There are many considerations when you set out to buy a copper sink. Things like copper purity, gauge (thickness), construction technique, the patina, style, size, position of the install (drop-in, under-mount, or vessel), but even before all these the most important consideration is the company who will sell you the sink.
Has MRSA Met its Match?
Has MRSA Met its Match?
It is well known that frequently touched surfaces in hospitals especially but in other environments as well, serve as reservoirs for the spread of pathogenic microbes.