Can You Make a Custom Sink for Me?

custom copper sink


Yes, we can make a custom sink for you! We can customize almost any of our copper products.

We can make almost anything you can imagine! Because all of our copper sinks are hand-made, it is relatively simple to make a custom sink for you.

With a simple sketch or a few photos and a bit of collaboration, we can help you out. We can make slight adjustments to our existing designs, or create something completely new.

Need to drop in a kitchen sink and install the faucet into the rim, or have a faucet hole off to one side? We can make the back rim wider to fit the faucet, and have it pre-drilled.

custom copper kitchen sink 


Need to make a sink taller or shorter? Want to adjust the size of the wells? We can adjust the sink dimensions to fit your space.

Want to add a custom design in the well or bowl, or on the front apron? Recent projects of our customers have included adding bear tracks, monogram letters, flowers, birds, animals, hearts, and other themes to our copper sinks, range hoods, and tiles.

Here is a link to our Custom Made Copper Sinks page, if you would like more information.

How long does it take to make a custom sink? Once the custom design is finalized by you and sent to the artisan, your custom piece can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks to produce and ship.

The production time depends on the specifications of your order, like the size, quantity, and level of detail. Some customizations are more complex than others, and if you have a lot of detail in your design, the time lengthens to receive your customized product.

We find that planning ahead and ordering well in advance to installation time is best.

Maybe you would like to add complimentary copper decor items in your kitchen, such as a copper range hood to match your beautiful copper sink. We can do that!

custom copper range hood 


A Copper Specialist is ready to help you, call us at 877.340.0800, Monday through Friday, during our business hours 7 am to 4 pm, Pacific Time. You can also email us details, photos or sketches of your customization ideas: info (at) copper sinks online (dot) com, and we will contact you to get your project underway!