Retrofit Your Cabinets with a Short Apron Sink

Retrofit Your Cabinets with a Short Apron Sink

Although farmhouse sinks have gained immense popularity, many homeowners do not realize the potential challenge of retrofitting an existing cabinet, as opposed to installing a new cabinet that is made for an apron front sink. Because a typical farmhouse sink ordinarily has a height of nine inches, and the space above most existing kitchen cabinet doors (often covered by a false drawer piece) is only 6-8 inches tall, you’ll quickly find that some carpentry is required to accommodate the new sink. If you currently have a standard drop-in sink in a typical cabinet frame and are planning to install a copper farmhouse or apron front sink, you have two options to consider:

1) Have your contractor rebuild or shorten the cabinet doors under the sink before installation, or

2) Install a short apron sink that is made exactly for this purpose!


A short apron sink allows for easy retrofitting into existing kitchen cabinets.

The stock size short apron sink has outside dimensions of 33” x 22” x 6.5” to easily fit into space above your under-sink cabinet doors, without having to shorten them. This is a significant benefit if you happen to have beveled doors that are not easily cut and refinished.

Even if avoiding a complicated retrofit isn’t your motive, the short apron sink style is a great choice to complement smaller spaces in your townhome or cabin while maintaining the desired farmhouse style. If the stock size short apron sink is not ideal for your space and you’d prefer a wider double basin, or a unique art motif designed into the front, remember that customization is available. Due to the artisan nature of sinks, dimensions may vary up to ½” in any direction.

33″ Short Apron Single Well Copper Sink

Installing cleats in the frame around your new farmhouse sink is still recommended, as the heavy gauge of quality copper sinks may require some additional support.

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