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Other Shaped Copper Bath Sinks

These rectangular, square and other shaped copper bathroom sinks are offered in several different finishes, sizes and designs. Our hand hammered copper bath sinks are unique and are built using the same construction techniques found in our other SoLuna copper sinks, so they will last a lifetime!


Drop-in Copper Bath Sinks

SoLuna Drop-in Copper Bathroom Sinks are designed to simply drop in to a pre-cut countertop.    The weight of the sink is supported by the countertop and in many of these copper sinks the rim provides a decorative accent. This is the most conventional, quick and easy installation for copper bathroom sinks.

Undermount Copper Bath Sinks

If you select a SoLuna Bathroom Sink designed with a flat rim, you can install it as a drop-in bathroom sink or as an undermount copper bathroom sink.  You still need to pre-cut the hole in the countertop but this time the installation is from under the countertop using inexpensive mounting brackets that can be purchased through CopperSinksOnline.com or your local hardware store.  

Copper Vessel Bath Sinks

Copper Vessel Bathroom Sinks come in a wide variety of shapes and designs.  Each is typically finished and decorated on all sides.  A copper vessel bath sink is designed to sit directly on top of your vanity counter and only requires a cut out for the drain hole.  Every sink drain that we sell comes with a mounting ring specifically for this purpose.

Our copper sink specialists are ready to help. Please call us at 360-321-2131 for assistance!