Protect Your Basin with a Kitchen Sink Grate

Protect Your Basin with a Kitchen Sink Grate



With the heavy barrage of pots, pans, and cutlery that end up in your kitchen sink, it’s inevitable that your sink basins will suffer a little abuse over their lifetime. Dropping a heavy bowl or scraping a serrated knife while working in the sink are unanticipated but common accidents, and have the potential to leave permanent scars on your sink. When you’ve invested in an artisan copper or stone kitchen sink that becomes the centerpiece of your kitchen, you’ll be even more inclined to keep it safe. A kitchen sink grate is a low-profile solution that will keep your basins protected and looking their best.

A quality kitchen sink grate is crafted to fit in the bottom your specific sink’s basin. Depending on the radius of the corners of your sink, ranging from very squared to very rounded, you’ll need to order a sink grate that is made to sit snugly in the bottom of your basin.


kitchen sink grate

The style of your sink grate can vary widely, as well. Your most utilitarian option is the Stainless Steel Sink Grid, which is designed exclusively to fit single basin stone farmhouse kitchen sink models from the Stone Forest artisans (Models C04-33, C04-33PF, and C04-NF only). This fitted metal grid is made of stainless steel and has a simple modern style that is discreet and doesn’t disguise the beauty of the artisan sink or drain underneath.

On the more ornate end of the style spectrum is a product like the Mosaic Sink Grate, crafted specifically for SoLuna Copper Kitchen Sinks. The Mosaic Sink Grate has a beautifully detailed mosaic motif and is plated in bronze. It includes a rubber base for even greater sink protection and is available in many sizes to accommodate the variety of styles of SoLuna copper standard and farmhouse kitchen sinks. Again, ordering the correct dimensions is critical so that the sink grate slides easily into the bottom of your sink, but isn’t small enough to wiggle around and leave vulnerable unprotected areas.

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In terms of style, the Traxx Sink Grate for copper sinks lies somewhere between simple and designer. Rounded rectangular slits are cut out of this bronze-finished sink grate, resulting in more of a contemporary look than the Mosaic style. Each sink grate sits a half inch tall in your sink basin. The available dimensions of the Traxx Sink Grate vary to accommodate the SoLuna copper kitchen sinks, but can also be customized. Give us a call to discuss your project and suitability for customization.


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The Mosaic and Traxx bronze-finished sink grates require regularly washing in hot soapy water and a quick rinse with hot water before drying. For the best longevity, do not allow cleaners to remain in contact with your grate for long periods of time as this may induce spotting. If stubborn stains occur, you can rinse the grate and apply Bartender’s Friend or Copper Glo with a damp rag. We advise that you avoid using abrasive or highly alkaline cleaners, as these will scuff and/or scratch the finish.

No matter which of our sink grate styles you choose for your kitchen sink basins, you can be assured that choosing to add a kitchen sink grate will maintain the beauty and finish of your artisan kitchen sink for its lifetime!