Mark & Cindy's Kitchen Remodel

Mark & Cindy's Kitchen Remodel

Double Well Copper Kitchen Sink


Large Double Well - 50/50 - Copper Standard Kitchen Sink


Model: CK7002L35-50/50

36" x 22" x 9" Outside Dimension

15" x 18" x 9" Inside Dimension per Well

Finish: Dark Smoke

Installation: Undermount


Everyone that has seen them raved at how great they look. We are awfully proud of our new kitchen. It was a long haul getting to the finished job, but oh so worth the time and effort. - Mark and Cindy


16" Copper Bar Sink


16" Large Round Bar Sink and Customized Stars Design 

Model: CB0026L20


The sinks are absolutely beautiful! Especially the one with the embossed stars. Gorgeous!!! - Mark and Cindy