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Copper Kitchen Sinks

Drop-in Copper Kitchen Sinks and Undermount Copper Kitchen Sinks

Our line of SoLuna copper kitchen sinks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs and finishes and made to be installed either as “drop-in copper kitchen sink” or “undermount copper kitchen sink”. All our copper kitchen sinks are hand-hammered in heavy 14-gauge, lead-free copper by 3rd generation coppersmiths, and all are TIG copper welded.

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Drop-in Copper Kitchen Sinks

Our Soluna Drop-in Copper Kitchen Sinks are designed to simply drop in to a pre-cut countertop.    The weight of the sink is supported by the countertop. This is the most conventional, quick and easy installation for copper kitchen sinks.

Undermount Copper Kitchen Sinks

A drop-in copper kitchen sink can also be easily installed as an undermount copper kitchen sink.  You still need to pre-cut the hole in the countertop but this time the installation is from under the countertop using inexpensive mounting brackets that can be purchased through CopperSinksOnline.com or your local hardware store.  

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