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Copper Kitchen Sinks

Copper Kitchen Sinks

A copper kitchen sink is a beautiful and unique addition to the home. There is no better place to bring in the warm and earthen qualities of fine copper craftsmanship than the kitchen.  Historically known among architects, designers, and feng shui specialists as the heart of the home.

Don't sacrifice quality and service. Read why our sinks beat the competition...
SoLuna Copper Sinks vs the Competition
Our SoLuna brand sinks continue to exceed customer expectations. "It is the centerpiece of my beautiful newly remodeled kitchen!"

Even with our large selection, you may need assistance to find the exact sink you're looking for. We're available at 360-321-2131 Monday - Friday, 7 am - 4 pm PST. Our customer care team can help you with questions about our custom sizes or shapes.