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Designing A Master Bathroom

Your master suite is meant to be a retreat where you release the stress of the day and truly relax. If you are ready to redesign this important space, you might begin by enhancing the look of the master bathroom. Copper vessel sinks, a copper bathtub, and some extraordinary fixtures are a few options to consider.

Copper bathroom sinks, in general, greatly improve the look of any bathroom, but a copper vessel sink provides a bit more visual interest than an under-mount sink as it rests above the countertop. At Copper Sinks Online, we have a wide variety of interesting copper vessel sink designs, and it’s easy to find one particularly suitable for your tastes and needs.

For a contemporary home, you might consider our rectangular Zen copper vessel sink or perhaps the canoe copper vessel sink. Both of these feature clean, simple lines that complement modern style counters, fixtures, and other decorative features. The Trough copper vessel sink or Cubeta copper vessel sink work well with either a modern design or perhaps an industrial chic look.

If you prefer a more traditional look or perhaps a design with a bit of an Italian influence, we have several designs to suit your needs. For instance, the beautiful Floral Vine Prescenio copper vessel sink is fashioned with 16-gauge hammered copper and features a stunning floral hand-crafted floral motif on the inside rim with a band of flowers and leaves. For those who wish to truly make a unique visual statement, the Espeso Alegre copper vessel sink and the Tulip copper vessel sink are just a few options to consider.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We have many other copper vessel sinks to consider, ranging from round and oval sinks to square or rectangular sinks. Each sink is carefully handcrafted by our 3rd generation coppersmiths, and we offer several different finish options so you can truly create the perfect custom look. We also offer a full line of faucets and drains to coordinate with and accompany your copper vessel sinks.

In addition to copper vessel sinks, copper bathtubs are another eye-catching decorative feature. Our options range from a luxurious double slipper copper bathtub with a two-tone scroll base to round Japanese-style copper soaking tubs. This item truly can act as the centerpiece of your master bathroom design.

Your bathroom vanity is another special feature of the room, and a custom bathroom vanity is an excellent option for a one-of-a-kind design. Keep in mind that your vanity can be a functional work of art. In fact, each item you place in the master bathroom should provide functionality and be pleasing to the eye. Our vanities include stylish wood and copper vanities, in both single and double sizes.

Don’t forget about the importance of selecting light fixtures, window coverings, and accessories that blend nicely with your overall design. Even the bathroom rugs and towels that you select are part of the design. Every piece, from the copper vessel sinks to the copper bathtubs and even the soap dishes, adds to the overall look and helps to create that relaxing spa retreat that you truly want.