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Big Box Retailers vs SoLuna Copper, Pt. 2

In Part 1 of this series, we covered how weight, origin, and sound play critical parts in the quality of SoLuna copper. In Part 2, we will expose construction, hammering and finish differences in the Lowe’s and Home Depot’s copper sinks versus ours.


The Lowe’s and Home Depot’s copper sink support underneath the front apron were welded with only a few small dots of shiny weld material, suggesting an alloy. These small welding spots aren’t enough to let the supports do their job, and there is a potential of these supports breaking during shipping or installation in your kitchen.   In the photo below you see damage to the supports in the Home Depot’s sink that was crushed and bent during shipment to us, which in turn crinkles and bends the front apron.

Home Depot copper sink supports

Home Depot’s copper sink supports

This indicates how thin the copper is and how poor the welding is.

Lowe's copper sink supports

Lowe’s copper sink supports

In contrast, the supports on our SoLuna copper sinks (below) are copper rod TIG welded along the entire length of the support where it attaches to the apron and to the well of the sink. 

SoLuna copper sinks display superior craftsmanship, and thicker copper is evident—the result is a sink built to last a lifetime.

SoLuna copper TIG copper weld

SoLuna copper TIG copper weld

SoLuna copper TIG copper weld

SoLuna copper TIG copper weld

Our exclusive design, the Fernanda farmhouse copper sink, has even more construction features:

— The Fernanda is closed on the bottom and sides of the apron.  This gives the sink a finished look and increases structural integrity.  Closing off the bottom of the apron also prevents small hands from going up inside.

— The Fernanda also features an X pattern in the basin well—this helps facilitate drainage and gives the sink a rugged, distinctive look.

SoLuna Fernanda farmhouse sink

SoLuna Fernanda Farmhouse Sink

Hammer Pattern

The purpose of hammering a copper sink is to both harden the copper and show off craftsmanship. Unfortunately, the Lowe’s copper sink has skimpy hammer marks. You see sparse, shallow and inconsistent hammer pits on their sink, which proves a lack of craftsmanship.

Lowe's copper sink hammer marks

Lowe’s copper sink hammer marks

Our SoLuna copper artisans have a consistent tight hammering pattern that produces a harder and more solid copper sink, and an appealing look that displays skill and quality.

SoLuna copper sink artisan hammer marks

SoLuna Copper artisan hammer marks


The finish of the copper sinks from Home Depot and Lowe’s is not applied in the same way as our SoLuna copper sinks, which has been developed by generations of coppersmiths with years of experience applying specific techniques to achieve high-quality results.  While examining the Indian-made Lowe’s copper sink, the finish rubbed off in many places (below) while handling it during our testing.

Lowe's copper sink poor finish

Lowe’s copper sink poor finish

Over the course of time and normal wear and tear, you can expect the initial appearance will not hold up.

Lowe's copper sink poor finish

Lowe’s copper sink poor finish

Quality finishes shouldn’t rub off this fast, prior to installation.

Lowe's copper sink poor finish

Lowe’s copper sink poor finish

SoLuna copper sinks are offered in four finishes (below, from L to R):  Matte Copper, Café Natural, Dark Smoke, and Rio Grande.  Each finish has been developed, and techniques for applying the finish has been perfected and passed down through generations of Santa Clara coppersmith artisans.  The SoLuna copper sink finishes are deeper, richer and more luxurious, and are virtually maintenance free.

SoLuna copper sink finishes

SoLuna copper sink finishes

Part 3 Next: Customer Service and Conclusion.