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How to Install a Copper Farmhouse Sink

With the purchase of a new copper kitchen sink come a few questions which homeowners may feel unprepared to answer without some help. The expert staff at CopperSinksOnline.com has been helping customers with the copper sink buying process for over a decade, and we’re here to help you make the best decisions for your copper sink project! One frequent question we get from customers is which size sink will fit into their sink base cabinet. Here’s a CopperSinksOnline.com guide to help you make that decision.

First, you should know that each of our copper kitchen sinks is listed on its own product page with a set of outside and inside dimensions. It’s important to note the way we generally describe the dimensions of our sinks is by width (from left to right), depth (from front to back), and height (from top to bottom).

Copper farmhouse sink installation

For instance, one of our popular copper farmhouse sinks has outside dimensions of 30” x 20” 9”. That means the sink is 30 inches wide from the outermost left edge to the outermost right edge, it is 20 inches deep from the outermost front edge to the outmost back edge, and it is 9 inches high from the bottom of the basin to the top of the rim.

Generally, our copper sinks have a 2-inch rim all the way around the top for mounting purposes. This results in inside dimensions that are smaller than the outside dimensions of your sink. A sink with the outside dimensions above (30” x 20” x 9”) would, therefore, have inside dimensions of 26” x 16” x 9”.

Your standard sink base cabinets are generally sold to fit several common sink (outside) widths, such as 30”, 33”, and 36” (which happily correspond to the small, medium, and large kitchen sink sizes listed on CopperSinksOnline.com). As a general rule, a sink base cabinet with a width of 30” is designed to fit up to a 30” wide sink. For folks choosing an apron-front farmhouse style sink, many customers choose to install the largest sink possible for their sink base cabinet for aesthetic reasons. For example, when looking at an installed farmhouse sink head-on, it is often preferred that the outside edges of the apron are aligned with the cabinet doors below.


Copper farmhouse sink installation

Of course, it is possible to use a sink that is smaller than the maximum width of your sink cabinet base, but not larger. If you use a sink that is not as wide as your cabinet base, your contractor may need to build in additional support cleats to hold the sink in place because it is technically smaller than the hole into which it’s fitting.

See the image below for an example of what a farmhouse installation looks like with a sink that is not as wide as the cabinet base. You’ll notice that the contractor had to be very mindful to center the sink above the cabinet doors and leave some of the false cabinet drawer intact to make up for the “gaps” between the edges of the sink and the edges of the cabinets.

Copper farmhouse sink installation

Keep an eye out for more helpful guides from CopperSinksOnline.com or feel free to call our experts on the phone at 360-321-2131 for help! We look forward to your business.