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Navigating Online Copper Sink Reviews

In this age of social media, crowdfunding, global networking, it has become standard to check for online product reviews before making even the most menial of purchases. If the masses are pleased with a particular service, product, or experience, you have a built-in social guarantee that you’ll be a satisfied customer as well. It makes sense that before purchasing a new copper sink for your kitchen or bath, you’d want to check copper sink reviews to determine with which company you’ll spend your money. Below is a helpful guide to the top five sink features to look for, as well as customer service must-haves when purchasing a copper sink: Any copper sink review will prove that a copper sink should…

  1. Be made of made of thick, 14-gauge copper. Any thinner than this and your copper sink is at risk of easily denting, and will often sound “tinny” and require sound insulation.
  1. Be made of high-quality copper that does not include lead. Copper sinks should be made out of 99% pure copper and 1% zinc for added strength and integrity. Copper alloys with lead are sometimes used in sinks made in the Middle East, India, and China. Although this alloy is less expensive, lead is harmful to humans and should be avoided.
  1. Not be lacquered. A quality copper sink will have a living finish, that changes and gains patina over time. Some companies attempt to guarantee a consistent finish by adding a coating of lacquer to prevent natural patina. Our experience is that customers with lacquered copper sinks end up unhappy because lacquer will inevitably chip and crack. We make sure to educate our customers about copper’s living finish, so there are no surprises.
  1. Be properly shaped and evenly hammered. Although hand hammered products won’t be perfectly shaped, they definitely should not be “out of square” or “out of round.” The purpose of hammering a copper sink is both to harden the copper and to give the metal its unique handcrafted appearance. Manufactured copper sinks often have fewer and shallower hammer pits, as opposed to our artisan’s tight, beautiful hammered look.
  1. Be properly welded. Many manufactured sinks are quickly welded together with only a few spots of welding material (often containing lead), which can result in failure during shipping or after installation. Genuine copper artisan sinks are TIG welded with copper rod along the entire length of the support.

In addition, as an online consumer, you simply can’t put a price on good customer service and support, both before and after your purchase. What recourse do you have if the product you receive is completely different than what you expected?

Anytime you shop online, the specific products you see in a catalog may not necessarily be the perfect item for you, and having the option of customization could be required for your particular design or layout. We understand that the purchase of a copper sink is a big event in your home! Every decision, from the style, size, patina, and faucet are critical to your happiness with the product. Our copper specialists are available to help guide you through all the steps to customize the perfect sink for your project and to make sure you have all the information needed to prepare for installation and maintenance.

Additionally, you can count on our full support after your purchase.  If you need assistance during installation, have questions regarding care and maintenance, or ever need replacement parts, our customers can count on us to be available to help. It’s unlikely that you will get the same great customer service experience with a big box store or overseas manufacturer. Check out these copper sink reviews, or call to let us prove it to you!

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