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Pick a Faucet Finish for Your Copper Sink

There are many different options out there for you. Remember that copper has a living finish and will change throughout the life of your sink. It isn’t about “matching” but more about looking for complimentary or coordinating finishes.

The most common faucet finish chosen with copper sinks is Oil Rubbed Bronze. Keep in mind that different manufacturers have their own interpretations of Oil Rubbed Bronze. Some are going to have copper or red undertones; some are solid chocolate brown or almost black, and some have a dark brown finish that looks wiped or brushed on the copper or bronze for a rustic look.

Take a little time to check out the different brands to determine your primary and secondary choices. Something else to consider is coordinating your other faucets or accessories, such as a drinking or instant hot faucet, soap dispenser, air switch or pot filler in the space. Not everything needs to be the same brand to coordinate well together, but it is an important consideration while looking.

Two-Tone Scroll Copper Sink with Rounded Front

You shouldn't feel limited or boxed-in to your faucet finish choices. If you are designing your new kitchen, bar or bathroom, let your personality shine through. There is not a right or wrong style when choosing decor and accessories to go with your copper sink. Think outside the box. Try adding a Brushed Nickel or Stainless Steel faucet for a little pizzazz. That can be a great way to compliment stainless steel appliances, range hoods, cabinet hardware and other accessories.




What about Polished or Antique Copper? Let it shine! There are polished finishes, distressed finishes, brushed, antique, matte, and the list goes on! Just remember, there are no rules, rights or wrongs. Enjoy the process and make your kitchen, bar or bathroom a reflection of you.