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Top 10 Copper Artists

Copper is a metal that has inspired artists for thousands of years. Since the days of Ancient Egypt, artists have worked with this beautiful and versatile metal to create pieces of exceptional beauty. Among the many talented contemporary artists, there are a few whose amazing aesthetic captures the essence of copper in unique and fascinating ways. Here is our list of the top 10 copper artists in North America:


  1. Frank Ward

    Working with copper since 2004, this Arizona artist creates an array of incredible copper fountains and nature-inspired sculptures, wall art, vases, candleholders, and other items. He produces custom pieces, and his work has won many accolades from the art community.

  2. Thomas Markusen

    With his pieces showcased in such notable collections as the White House collection of American crafts and the Vatican Museum, New York-based Thomas Markusen is on the top of his craft. His hammered copper wall art, vases, mirrors, and other pieces feature a classic design with contemporary approaches.

  3. Debra and Robert Purdy

    This Florida-based couple creates ocean-inspired art that has found its way into the Florida Governor’s Mansion. Incredibly detailed and artfully finished, these works stand out among the best.

  4. Jim Unger, Clayburn Copperworks

    Creating a wide range of copper pieces, from sculpture to wall art, Canadian copper artist Jim Unger hand-crafts unique pieces in all sizes. His visions in copper compliment any décor.  Click here to see Clayburn Copperworks


    Jim Unger copper artwork

    Jim Unger Original Artwork

  5. Eric Kraft

    Taking his inspiration from the ocean of his Florida home, Eric Kraft has been creating copper art since he was a teenager and continues to produce some of the most beautiful and detailed pieces available. Click here for Copper Life


    Eric Kraft copper sculpture of swimming sea turtle

    Eric Kraft Original Artwork

  6. Lance Lindsay

    California artist Lance Lindsay takes copper into the garden, creating outdoor lighting from copper that has been featured on numerous television programs, including Extreme Home Makeover. His Stone Manor Estate Garden, open to the public, showcases twenty-four years of his work.

  7. David and Judy Hedblom, Claymoon Copper

    Copper panels created by this husband and wife artist team bring the metal to life with curving lines, warm colors, and a three-dimensional appearance.   Their pieces hang in a large number of galleries.

  8. Greg Gowan, Studio G7

    Southwest-inspired pieces from Texas native Greg Gowan combine copper-working techniques with the artist’s welding skills to create unique, three-dimensional wall art pieces. Studiog7


    Greg Gowan copper artwork wedding masks

    Greg Gowan Original Artwork: Wedding Warriors

  9. Ken Rausch

    Copper artist Ken Rausch creates contemporary copper art pieces featuring mesmerizing color and a rippled effect that gives them movement and light. His art appears in galleries and private collections across North America.

  10. Albert Gillies Family

    Continuing a family tradition of over 100 years, the descendants of premier copper artist Albert Gillies, based in Montreal, Canada, are among the premier copper artists in the world. Albert Gillies created pieces commissioned by Walt Disney, Mae West, and Pope Pius XII. His artistic skills, passed down to his children, continue to bloom today.