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The Next Power Couple: A Copper Sink and Vanity

At some point or another, we’ve all come across a mismatched pair. You know, when one element far exceeds the beauty or quality of its counterpart. Like Beauty and the Beast. Or, fine French wine paired with Cheez Whiz. We want to help you avoid this situation with your artisan, hand-hammered copper sink and vanity! The beauty and quality of your new sink deserve better than a manufactured, big box store vanity, doesn’t it? We think so!

When you decide to pursue an artisan crafted fixture like a SoLuna copper sink, you’re transforming your room into the gallery for an exquisite, handmade piece of art. In order to equitably complement your sink, we recommend any of the following copper sink vanity models:


The El Cerrito Wood & Copper Vanity

The El Cerrito tells its own beautiful, unique story with rustic, recycled copper countertop and reclaimed wood from Mexico. The skillful firing of this piece results in rich natural colors of red, brown, orange and black in the copper. It’s just enough character to complement the beauty of the round, double-wall sink sitting on top.


The Rio Hermoso Wood and Copper Vanity

Another piece with an enticing history is the Rio Hermoso – a combination of new and old reclaimed pine salvaged from old buildings finished with a 5-step stain, glaze, and lacquer process. The hammered copper sink basins are integrated with the vanity top, for a seamless transition.


The Hierro La Rama Marble and Copper Vanity

Bring a little of the outside in with the Hierro La Rama. You’ll delight at the nature-inspired, hand-crafted iron branch legs on which this copper sink is nestled. A perfect pair, like a birdbath in a blooming garden, this copper sink and vanity pair is sure to make a statement in any beautiful bathroom.

To see all of the copper sink vanities available on our site, please click here.


With so many beautiful bathroom vanities to choose from, you can be sure that there’s one vanity that’s made exactly for you!