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The Healing Metal: The Power of Copper

The healing power of copper

Copper is among the oldest materials used by mankind, and the first metal to be worked into useful tools, weapons, and beautiful jewelry. It may also be a metal with the power to heal. The properties of copper have long been believed to provide a long list of health benefits, both healing and preventative. From protecting us from dangerous microbes to antioxidant free-radical-fighting power, copper is a metal with beauty that’s more than skin deep.

One of the many trace minerals that our bodies need but cannot produce, copper is most commonly looked to as an anti-inflammatory agent. Copper bracelets are a popular choice for treating arthritis through contact with the skin, allowing the copper to enter the body without ingestion. Copper also assists with the absorption of a second trace mineral that is vital to good health – iron.

Due to its antimicrobial properties, copper has been used to transport fresh water for thousands of years. The use of copper in pipes, sinks, and other places where water flows can help reduce the risk of dangerous pathogens in our water supply. These same properties are also believed to help the body fight off infection, making copper a protective trace mineral.

Copper helps our bodies produce vital components such as hemoglobin, myelin, collagen, and melanin. It has also been shown to fight off free radicals, those particles in the body that can do damage to genetic material and are a prime factor in the development of cancerous cells. This means that copper has the potential to help our bodies prevent cancer.

Alternative medical practitioners today use copper in a variety of ways, including matching it with magnets and using its natural conductivity to work with the energy in our bodies to enhance health and well being. As an alternative and natural healing practices continue to find acceptance and scientific evidence to back their effectiveness, copper is likely to receive greater recognition for its power to heal.

Enlightening and revitalizing, the ongoing uncovering of copper’s useful properties continues to bring to the forefront its strong connection to our health.