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Staff Product Picks: Liz’s Kitchen

Every day here at the Artisan Crafted & Copper Sinks Online office, I have the privilege of sitting near one of our Customer Service and Sales Representatives, Liz. She has been part of the Artisan Crafted team for two years and is one of the friendly voices you’ll hear answering our phones, taking orders and answering questions from our valued customers.

We all love to hear about Liz’s adventures outside of the office: From riding motorcycles with her partner, Scott, to taking English riding lessons at a nearby barn, to playing at the beach with her granddaughter, Liz always returns to the office with a smile and a good story. Not only is Liz a fun and friendly colleague, but she is sincerely interested in acquiring masterful knowledge about the products we carry. Recently, Liz and Scott upgraded their home kitchen. Customers: you’ll appreciate knowing that Liz is so passionate about accurately answering product questions from you, that she purchased a suite of fixtures from CopperSinksOnline.com in order to test them in her own home and report back. Now that’s customer service!

When was your current home built, and how long have you lived there?

Our home was built in 1993, and we moved in January 2012.

What were the goals for your kitchen remodel?

We wanted to update the cabinets, countertops, and sink. We were really looking for more of a facelift to bring it up to date, rather than a complete remodel.

What was the scope of the project?

We kept all of our original cabinets and had them painted. We added new door & drawer fronts and knobs. There was a hideous laminate on the counters before, so we replaced that with a quartz slab. We installed a travertine tile backsplash with copper accent tiles behind the stove wall. And of course, I wanted a new hammered copper sink and faucet even though there was nothing wrong with ours!

Which CopperSinksOnline.com products did you incorporate?

CK7002M35 – Matte Copper Medium Double Well Standard Sink

MT300 Standard Drain Antique Copper

MT200 Disposal Drain Antique Copper

MT400U Air Gap Brushed Nickel

& I am also planning to add copper switch plate covers!

How well do you like the products? Any surprises?

We love our new kitchen and are very happy with everything! I ordered the Matte Copper sink because I often have customers who ask how long it takes for this particular sink to patina. So far, I’m very surprised how much our hard water (in Langley, WA) affects the copper. It is changing much faster than I expected. A few weeks after it was installed, I used copper polish to shine the sink and remove patina, and then I waxed it with Renaissance Wax. Just a light coating of wax is really effective at making the water bead up and run off the copper, and I expect the sink will not patina nearly as quickly as before, despite the mineral content in our water.

We’re fortunate to have Liz’s expertise and first-hand knowledge of our copper products, as well as fantastic service for our customers. Many thanks, Liz!

Stay tuned for other Staff Product Picks!