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How to Select A Hammered Copper Sink

A hammered copper sink is a perfect accent for any style of kitchen, bathroom or bar. However, before you select a hammered copper sink, keep in mind that not all copper sinks are created equally.

All of our hammered copper sinks are made from 99% copper and 1% zinc. Adding the zinc ensures the sinks’ strength and integrity. Unfortunately, some manufacturers will use less pure copper and instead of adding zinc, they will add lead. Lead is cheap and easy to work, much like copper; however, lead is highly toxic to humans so it is important that you purchase a hammered copper sink without any added lead. At Copper Sinks Online, all of our copper sinks are 100% lead-free.

In addition to purchasing a hammered copper sink that does not contain lead, you also need to be concerned with the thickness of the copper, which also is called the copper gauge. Because copper is a soft metal, a thicker gauge copper will wear better over time. Bathroom sinks tend to have a thinner gauge, perhaps as thin as 20 gauge; however, at Copper Sinks Online, our bathroom copper sinks are crafted using 16 gauge copper.

When it comes to a hammered copper sink for the kitchen, it should be thicker, typically ranging from 18 gauge to 14 gauge. We use 14 gauge, which is very thick and durable. In fact, this is the thickest gauge on the market for hand-hammered copper kitchen sinks. A thinner gauge not only won’t wear well, it also tends to give off an odd “tinny” sound when you turn on the faucet.

Because a hammered copper sink is an investment, it is wise to purchase from a trusted source. At Copper Sinks Online, we offer a wide variety of hammered copper sinks and all of our copper sinks are handcrafted by artisans. In fact, our artisans are all third generation coppersmiths from Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico, which is known worldwide for their exquisite copper workmanship.

While the artisan-crafted nature of a hammered copper sink means that it won’t be as machine-precise as manufactured ceramic or stainless sinks, your sink should be properly shaped. The called-out dimensions can vary slightly due to their handcrafted nature, but the sink should never appear misshapen. In addition, while the size might vary just a bit, the drain hole will be precise, as it must fit the drain correctly. All of our sinks are designed to fit your specifications with up to a half-inch variation allowed in any dimension, and our artisans can craft a custom sink to fit just about any size that you might need. Remember that you should always have your actual sink in hand before making any final countertop cuts.

Copper is inherently a soft, malleable metal. Only when it is hammered does it become stronger and more durable. The hammering pattern also helps disguise any nicks or scratches that a heavily-used sink endures. A hammered copper sink is usually the best choice for a kitchen sink as this is a sink that not only gets a lot of use, you probably will bang it often with pots and pans, and hammered sinks simply hold up to this heavy use.

At Copper Sinks Online, you can find hammered copper sinks in many styles. We offer all types of copper bathroom sinks, copper kitchen sinks, and even copper tubs, and coordinating faucets and drains. If you don’t see the exact hammered copper sink you need, we can have a sink custom made to your specifications and tastes.