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How To Select A Copper Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks are all the rage right now, and while there are many wonderful options, a copper farmhouse sink will make a huge decorative statement in your kitchen. At Copper Sinks Online, we have a few tips for those who wish to add a copper farmhouse sink to their kitchen.

SoLuna Copper farmhouse sink with 60/40 well split

One of your first steps will be to think about the size of your copper farmhouse sinks. We have small sized copper sinks in 22-inch, 25-inch, and 30-inch widths, as well as medium 33-inch copper farmhouse sinks, 36-inch copper sinks, and larger 42-inch copper farmhouse sinks. (Shown to the left: SoLuna 33" Copper Farmhouse Sink with 60/40 Well Split.) You also need to think about the depth of your copper farmhouse sink, and typically, you’ll find that sinks will range from about 18-inches to 21-inches in inside depth. However, we are happy to create a custom order if you need a specific height, width, and depth.

Because our copper farmhouse sinks are artisan crafted, the sizes can vary somewhat, up to about one half of an inch. Of course, this handcrafting is what makes our copper farmhouse sinks so unique. You simply will need to be certain of the exact measurements of your sink prior to installing surrounding countertops, so we do recommend that you have your sink in hand before making any final cuts. You also need to consider whether you want a copper farmhouse sink that is flush with your countertop or perhaps an undermount sink. Generally, farmhouse sinks are a bit lower than the countertop, but that may not be a feasible option in your kitchen.

We have dozens of different styles of copper farmhouse sinks. Some sinks include one single large basin, while others have two basins, and we have a few with a small central basin as well as sinks with a triple well. Often people enjoy the single basin as this makes it quite easy to wash larger pots, pans, and dishes.

SoLuna Two-Tone Berry Vine Copper Farmhouse Sink

In addition to the number of basins, we have several different finishes available for your copper farmhouse sink and also have a wide variety of two-tone copper kitchen farmhouse sinks. Our designs range from sleek, contemporary designs to traditional copper farmhouse sinks and even some amazing rustic designs. Shown to the right: SoLuna Two-Tone Berry Vine Copper Farmhouse Sink.

You also will want to select a kitchen drain for your copper farmhouse sinks, and we have several different options. You can select a finish that complements the sink or perhaps one that complements the faucet. We also have standard drains, disposal drains and disposal drains with a stopper, so that is another decision you will want to make. Our PVD/Oil rubbed bronze kitchen drains come with a lifetime warranty and will never chip or peel.

Of course, we have a full selection of faucets for your copper farmhouse sink, and if you are purchasing a sink and faucet together you will receive 20% of the price of the faucet off your total order. Many customers have kitchens with a prep sink, and upgrading your current prep sink to a copper prep sink is an excellent idea as it will serve as a beautiful complement to your copper farmhouse sink.

Now, go forth and design, because you are prepped with everything you need to make an informed decision about your new farmhouse copper sink!