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Remodeling ideas: How a new staircase can add value to your home.

Did you know that the staircase is the most overlooked part of any home? This is a very surprising fact, especially since the first part of a home to catch a visitor’s attention is normally the staircase. In this article, we explain how renovating or installing a new staircase can dramatically improve the look and feel of your home, in addition to adding value.


When an old staircase is replaced with a better-looking one (such as a modern spiral staircase), it is amazing how this makes your home feel more luxurious and up-to-date.


Before undertaking any staircase remodeling, it is recommended that you sit down and think about what exactly needs to replaced or renovated. For example, the actual stairs may still be excellent shape but only the balusters, handrails and newel posts might need to be replaced. You may wish to consult with a staircase expert to try and figure out if you require a partial or a complete staircase renovation.


Since your staircase can definitely be considered a permanent piece of furniture, most experts recommend not skimping when it comes to the railings, wood and other fixtures. Good quality and expensive-looking accessories can make a massive difference in making your home look classy, inviting, modern and impressive.


If you will not be replacing your staircase but simply modernizing it, your first port of call will be the handrails. There are countless varieties of handrail, balustrades, newel posts and other stair parts available on the market today to help you to make a positive impact with your staircase. These come in many different styles, materials and colors and there will certainly be something to suit every home.


Many homeowners, when faced with upgrading their staircases, will replace their old, wooden balusters with the more popular, sleeker-looking wrought iron ones for the most cost-effective impact. Wooden balusters, however, are not necessarily old-fashioned and one should consider the style and color of these accessories first and foremost.


Some people feel that their wooden balusters are restricting light into the home. If this is the case, an easy way to remedy it would be to replace them with glass.


Replacing worn-out and dirty stair carpet with new carpet or even wood can change the look and feel of your staircase. Even if carpet is the only aspect you modify, this can work wonders.


Since your staircase can really set the tone for your home’s overall decor and look, it serves as a focal point when decorating. If you will be renovating your entire home, it is therefore a good idea to begin with your staircase. To achieve a harmonious, elegant and welcoming look for your house, it is vital that you select the most appropriate materials for the staircase. If your home was built in a contemporary style, wrought iron, metal cables and modern fixtures would be more suitable. More traditional homes, however, look better with polished, natural wood types and sophisticated iron.


If you have a tight budget, you could always consider buying a do-it-yourself staircase renovation kit from your local hardware store. These kits come with full instructions and are very easy to follow.


A safety evaluation of your current staircase system should also be carried out before embarking on a renovation project. There are many questions that should be asked to determine its safety and these could include considering if your railings are still fixed and solid, the gap between risers and spaced treads. Obviously, if any of these parts are no longer safe to use, they should be replaced or repaired as a matter of urgency. Most states have very specific local building codes for residential staircases and require them to meet certain criteria. If you can prove that your staircase is up to code, your home will be much more attractive to potential buyers.


Your entire staircase should be replaced if you feel that it is poorly positioned, restricts your space in the house or it prevents too much natural light from entering your living space. Although a complete replacement can be a costly exercise, it will be well worth the investment in the long term as it will immediately add value to your property price. Before taking down your current staircase, your staircase renovation professional will want to conduct an evaluation to ensure that any building and architectural regulations are met.


Regardless of whether you are modifying your staircase in order to sell your home quicker or simply to improve its interior decor, a renovated staircase is a wonderful long-term investment.