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Recycled vs Pure Copper Sinks

“Where is this information coming from?”  That is one of the most common questions our informed customer service people at Copper Sinks Online ask when handling this common question: “Are your sinks made from recycled or pure copper?”  Unfortunately, a few companies selling copper sinks have muddied the waters on this subject and peppered their websites with misleading information that suggests if your copper sink isn’t made from mined virgin copper, it can pose dangerous health issues. This is simply not true.

Let’s start with the basics. Copper is a chemical element with the symbol Cu and atomic number 29. This means that it cannot be changed.  Whether it comes from a mine or is recycled from previously used copper – it is the same.

Copper Ore

Copper is a malleable material so there must be a small amount of zinc added (less than 1%) to give it a much stronger structural property so that it can be used for something like a sink. This is the same whether the copper is recycled or virgin – every copper sink sold has some amount of zinc in it.

At Copper Sinks Online, we choose to use recycled copper. Recycled copper is eco-friendly or “green” as it takes far less energy to process. We have dedicated to artisan-crafted products that are earth-friendly and made by human hands, not machines. Of course, as a consumer, we should be certain we are not getting a product that contains a lead alloy. We have tested copper sinks made in India and China over the years, and have been surprised to find that lead is part of the alloy (that truly is dangerous), but the term “recycled copper” should not strike fear in your heart.

The term “pure copper” should really define copper alloy that does not include lead. As a consumer that seeks out green products, I would prefer to buy products made from recycled material. There is a push in the US and other forward-thinking countries towards green building, and purely recycled copper sinks fit right in with this positive trend.

Watch the video here of how our recycled copper sinks are made.

Enjoy the living qualities of your beautiful, hand hammered copper sink made from pure recycled copper—it’s truly a unique and functional work of art!