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Reasons To Select Copper Vessel Sinks

For many decades, drop-in and undermount sinks were the norms, and we were simply accustomed to this option. However, in the past few years, copper vessel sinks have gained in popularity and many of our clients prefer the look of a vessel sink to that of a drop-in sink. Here are a few great reasons to consider installing copper vessel sinks in your home.

1. Copper Vessel Sinks Make A Dramatic Impact

Undermount and drop-in copper sinks are beautiful and certainly enhance virtually any design style, but if you truly want to make a dramatic impact with design, copper vessel sinks may be the way to go. These stunning copper vessel sinks catch the eye immediately, and the rich patina and unique handcrafted designs of the sinks at Copper Sinks Online are amazing.

Furthermore, if you are going to purchase a copper sink, why not show it off? Copper is one of the world’s finest and most beautiful materials, and copper vessel sinks allow homeowners to show off every inch of their beautiful copper sink.

2. Copper Is An Ideal Material

There are many reasons to select copper as your sink material in general. First of all, copper has anti-microbial properties, making it a healthy choice. Your copper vessel sinks actually will kill virtually all bacteria naturally, so there’s never any reason to use harsh chemicals on your copper sink. Copper is an easy-care option, as well. You simply clean it with a mild soap, rinse the sink thoroughly and pat it dry.

It is, however, important to know the source of the copper in your copper vessel sinks. Many of the copper sinks at big box stores are imported from India, and these sinks can contain lead as well as inferior craftsmanship. At Copper Sinks Online, all of our copper vessel sinks are 100% lead-free. Our copper vessel sinks are hand-hammered using 16-gauge copper and TIG copper welded to ensure strength and durability. In addition, our sinks are artisan crafted by the famous coppersmiths from Santa Clara del Cobre in Mexico.

3. Copper Vessel Sinks Are Ideal For Smaller Spaces

While this might be a smaller point, it is one worth making. When you install either an undermount sink or a drop-in sink, the basin takes up a portion of the storage space in your cupboard. If your bathroom is particularly small, any extra bit of storage is something you will be sure to appreciate. So if you are a bit short on space, a copper vessel sink might be the perfect element to add to your bathroom.

If you are searching for copper vessel sinks, take a look at the many styles available on our website. We have a wide variety, including sleek, simple copper vessels sinks and a few truly unique items. For instance, our whimsical Bucket Copper Vessel Sink with Handle (shown to the right) would be a charming addition to any farmhouse-style bathroom or perhaps mounted atop a rustic, carved wood vanity.

Our Rippled Copper Vessel Sink is another distinctive offering, featuring a hexagonal shape with a flattened bottom. The Round Copper Vessel Sink with Skirted Base features a decorative, artisan crafted base with studded accents that would look right at home in a bathroom featuring Spanish-influenced, Moroccan-influenced or Mediterranean-style design elements.


This is just the tip of the iceberg, as we have many other copper vessel sinks that might suit your needs and tastes. Of course, we have a full selection of stunning undermount and drop-in copper sinks as well. In addition, we offer copper bathtubs, faucets and much more. All of our pieces are handcrafted using the finest copper available on earth.