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Old-World Kitchens & Copper Range Hoods


If you’re hoping to achieve a unique, functional kitchen space, consider investing in old-world elements that demonstrate durability and craftsmanship at their very best. Reminiscent of the architecture and design prominent before the European discovery of North America, an old-world design often includes substantial pieces of rustic lumber, stone, and pre-industrial metal. Installing a focal piece as beautiful and eye-catching as a hand-crafted copper range hood, for instance, would be an effective way to quickly transition your kitchen to an old-world design motif.


Copper range hoods are available in a variety of styles that can coordinate with a wide range of kitchen designs, but an ideal example of an old-world piece is the Medieval Copper Range Hood – a rugged, hammered piece that features copper rivets like you would find on a hand-forged suit of armor. Assembled by hand with 14-gauge hammered copper, this eye-catching chimney-style range hood is worthy of Robin Hood’s, or perhaps even King John’s, kitchen.

Full view of Medieval Copper Range Hood

Strategically placing other old-world accents around your kitchen will naturally complement a large focal-piece like a copper range hood. Some options include artisan copper sinks and faucets, lighting, mirror frames, and even switch plates. Part of the beauty of copper fixtures is their living finishes and ability to grow more attractive with age. Not only does this characteristic liberate you from keeping them shiny, perfect and new – but it helps reflect the unique charm of the old-world more and more as you use and love your copper kitchen fixtures.