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Living with Luxury: Copper Soaking Tubs

Something old has become new—copper has returned to the bathroom in the form of luxurious copper soaking tubs. For decades plumbing showrooms were limited to enameled steel and cast iron tubs. Then the Jacuzzi burst upon the scene and fiberglass and acrylic became the most common materials for the bath.

While jets go a long way toward making bathing special again, let's face it, plastic just isn’t as pleasing against the skin or under the eye as a natural material. With the recent explosion of natural materials in the sink category, and a growing demand for handcrafted and custom work throughout the home, it was only a matter of time before designers and their clients began returning to bathtubs made from earthy materials as well. Copper sinks and tubs have been around for decades, but recently the popularity of copper has been on the rise again and the demand for copper soaking tubs is following the trend.

Enter SoLuna Copper

At CopperSinksOnline.com, our copper artisans use time-tested techniques for creating quality, long-lasting products. We put them to work designing and creating the very best in copper soaking tubs and the SoLuna soaking tub line was born.

When considering a copper tub, shop carefully. There is a confusing array of copper sinks and tubs available. Arm yourself with some copper facts and be sure to buy from a reputable company.

Copper Soaking Tubs Age Gracefully

There’s nothing like copper for warmth, resonance and sunny personality in the bathroom. And over time the beautiful patina these tubs develop only adds to their character. The tones your tub takes on and how fast the patina develops will depend on the finish you choose to start with. Generally, a matte copper tub will mellow to a weathered penny color. If you’d like to reduce the amount of color changes your tub experiences, you can regularly apply a wax such as Renaissance Wax as a protective measure.

Maintaining the Beauty of Your Copper Soaking Tub

There are two guidelines to remember when living with a copper tub: avoid abrasive cleaners, and avoid dropping heavy items on the tub, as copper is a relatively malleable metal and it can dent. Rinse with a mild soap and water from time to time. For a much more in-depth discussion on copper tub maintenance, you might enjoy reading our Copper Maintenance Instructions.

Custom Sizes, Shape and Finishes

You can also have a tub designed around your lifestyle. As SoLuna is a small shop, artisan made product line, rather than a mass-production factory, we have the freedom to create one of a kind custom tubs. If we don’t already carry the right size for you, our SoLuna design specialists will assist you in designing the perfect tub for your lifestyle and décor. The possibilities are endless and a copper soaking tub will change your home for the better.

Why Buy a SoLuna Copper Soaking Tub from CopperSinksOnline.com?

We have the largest selection of copper tubs and also specialize in custom sizes. Our artisans work with only the highest quality copper that is 99% copper and 1% zinc for strength, and the thickest gauge material that can be hand-hammered. Copper of this composition naturally possesses antimicrobial properties to prevent germs and bacteria from surviving on the surface of raw, unsealed copper. SoLuna copper tubs are made of reclaimed copper which has been melted down to its natural elemental state—any impurities are removed. We can assure our customers that our genuine, hand hammered copper tubs are free of these lead-containing alloys.