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Kitchen remodel ideas: Add value with copper sinks

The most beautiful homes in the world can only be called “home” when it is equipped with a great kitchen. When remodeling a kitchen, there are so many ideas that might work well for you. In this article we’re going to explore some great remodels involving copper sinks.

Regardless of whether you are working on your dream home for the family, or flipping houses that need to appeal to a certain type of investor, the ability to add long-term value to a property is a key consideration which often starts with the kitchen. What is so appealing about copper sinks, is the fact that it can blend in well with old homes you’d remodel – as well as ultra-modern constructions. The beauty about Artisan Crafted and SoLuna is that you do not have to settle for a mass-produced sink that every other house will have, as we’ll discuss below.

Adding a great new masterpiece to your home starts by exploring ideas. Ultimately, you should speak to our experts about a custom copper sink design. But let’s look at some great ideas to get you started:

Idea#1: Copper farmhouse sink with a two-tone scroll

This branded copper sink belongs to the prestigious SoLuna brand, exclusively from ArtisanCrafted. It fits in well with various color schemes – and can be further customized.

copper farmhouse sink with two tone scroll apron


Idea#2: A beautiful Rounded Front Flat Ends Copper Farmhouse Sink

As can be seen from this photo idea, copper is quite versatile and looks great also with black or dark colors in the kitchen.

Rounded Front Copper Farmhouse sink


Idea#3: A squared oval copper sink

In this picture, you can see a totally different color scheme that also looks great with copper. Notice the oval shape and how two taps can be fitted at different angles.

Squared Oval copper kitchen sink


Idea#4: Copper is not old-fashioned – it is also trendy!

So you thought copper sinks are vintage, belonging to farmhouses? Think again. As can be seen below, great home designers like Selle Valley Construction have used copper sinks in completely modern homes. The only limit is indeed your imagination. Imagine a modern kitchen with a top of the range SoLuna copper sink?

Photo credit: Selle Valley Construction Inc.

Love the inspiration but have your own idea? Go custom!

Below are just a few examples of custom copper sinks that we produced for clients in recent years.

copper farmhouse sinks

Conclusion on remodeling your kitchen with a copper sink:

As a well-known designer said recently: “You could be searching the web for copper sinks and feel lost with all the options, ranging from Houzz, Sinkology, Rachiele, Home Depot, and Amazon. I always advise clients to consider a custom solution that will make their house beautiful for many years to come. What better investment can there be for the kitchen than some of the awesome looking copper custom sinks I’ve seen installed over the years. Copper sinks are great as they retain their value and look over time – and boost the value of your home.”

Our challenge to you: Compare the SoLuna brand against a range of competitor products from Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon, Sinkology, Houzz and any retailer you can find. You will then understand why, for years, we’ve been America’s number 1 choice for copper sinks.