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Kitchen Redesign with A Copper Farmhouse Sink

When you are getting ready to update your kitchen, one of the first elements you should consider is your kitchen sink. A farmhouse sink, particularly a copper farmhouse sink, truly can set the tone for your kitchen design.

The copper farmhouse sink not only provides you with a distinctive look, this style, and material have other advantages, as well. For instance, a single well copper farmhouse sink can make washing dishes and large pots or pans extremely easy. The anti-microbial properties of copper are another key advantage. You never have to use harsh chemicals to remove germs and bacteria. You simply rinse the sink or perhaps wash it with gentle dish soap, rinse and dry the sink to keep it clean and in great condition.

While a copper farmhouse sink has many practical advantages, at Copper Sinks Online, we know that our customers are looking for a stunning, custom sink that truly acts as a centerpiece for their kitchen. Each of our copper farmhouse sinks is hand-crafted by third generation artisans from Santa Clara Del Cobre, Mexico, which is renowned for its fine coppersmiths.

Wrought Iron Design Copper Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Take a look at our many copper farmhouse sinks. We have a wide variety of hand-hammered copper farmhouse sinks with simple, clean lines as well as many two-tone copper kitchen sinks that feature intricate designs. These range from the whimsical Western-themed Ranchero two-tone copper farmhouse sink to the stylish elegance of our Anatolia two-tone copper farmhouse sink or perhaps the Wrought Iron Design copper farmhouse sink (shown to the left).


We have many customizable options for each of our copper farmhouse sinks to truly create the perfect sink for each of our clients. Browse through our options, but if you don’t see the specific size or style, give us a call and we can come up with a design that fits your needs.

Once you’ve selected your copper farmhouse sink, the other elements of your kitchen design will fall into place. Select countertops and cabinetry that complement the look of your copper farmhouse sink and consider adding a few other copper elements. A copper prep sink is an excellent and handy addition to any style of kitchen, and we also sell copper lighting, copper tiles, copper switch plates covers and beautiful faucets and drains that complement our copper farmhouse sinks.

Each of our copper farmhouse sinks is crafted from the finest, 14-gauge reclaimed copper and our sinks are 100% lead-free. One important note: Because our copper farmhouse sinks are artisan-crafted, the final dimensions of your sink can vary up to ½-inch. This will be important information to share with your interior designer as well as the contractors who install your sink, cabinetry, and countertops.