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Homeowner Profile: Lesley V

Here at CopperSinksOnline, we are always glad to receive testimonials and pictures from our customers who have successfully built or remodeled the house of their dreams using some of our products. Guiding you through a successful home renovation process is incredibly fun for us. Even more fun is seeing that you’ve also used artisan products from our sister sites at ArtisanCrafted.com!

We are thrilled with the result of Oregon homeowner Lesley’s home improvements, which include a plethora of products from CopperSinksOnline and our sites at ArtisanCrafted.com.

Here’s Lesley’s story in her own words:

“Hi, I am Lesley V. I have been a first-grade teacher for thirty years, and I live in Gresham, OR. I love to be outside walking, hiking, snowshoeing, beach combing or playing golf. I also like to knit, quilt and make beaded jewelry.

My husband and I built our dream house seven years ago. We had a distinct vision of what we wanted for the interior of our new home, so when we came across ArtisanCrafted.com and CopperSinksOnline in particular, I fell in love with the copper sinks immediately. We were thrilled with the unique pieces and decided they were just what we wanted for our home.

We then contacted ArtisanCrafted.com. The customer care team was absolutely amazing. Liz, Yvonne, and Krystle listened to our wants and needs and were very helpful in providing us with all of the information we needed to install our new sinks properly. They helped us coordinate some unique hand-blown glass pendants to go with the copper sinks. We were truly amazed at the artistry of each piece.

Here’s what our new kitchen looks like now.


I love the way our new glass pendants brighten up the kitchen – it’s also nice to know that they were custom handcrafted just for us. Truly one of a kind!









 We bought our sinks and lighting during the planning stages, and then they became the focal point for each room. Everything else was chosen to enhance the character of the pieces.







 I am so happy with the charm that transpired in every room and I love to show off our results. Friends and family visit our home and can’t believe the beauty of all our one-of-a-kind pieces throughout the house. Everything came together and turned out gorgeous!

Thank you so much for all my amazing ‘functional art!’”

Thank you, Lesley, for sharing your story with us!

If you have used products from CopperSinks Online.com in your home renovation project, you could be featured in our Homeowner Profile series too! Please contact us at info (AT) coppersinksonline (DOT) com.