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Five Extraordinary Copper Bathroom Sinks

“Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.” This sentiment is inspiring while embarking on a new project, providing encouragement that no matter the starting point, any space can be transformed into a place you deem beautiful. One approach that our customers are finding adds just the right touch to their bathroom renovations is installing one of our artisan copper bathroom sinks. No matter the style, finish, or motif that you choose, a copper bathroom sink like the ones below will certainly be the essential piece that makes your bathroom space beautiful.

Oval Raised Rim Bath Sink

This striking drop in sink is ideal for a bathroom with a rustic or western design. The intensity of the hand hammering on the copper is emphasized by the Rio Grande patina finish shown, and the 2-inch wide raised rim around the large oval shows off the architecture and craftsmanship of the piece.


Dragonfly Design

The extraordinary talent of our copper artisans is demonstrated by their unique, tasteful, hand-hammered designs, like the four dancing dragonflies in this copper bathroom sink. Although the dragonfly design is popular, you should note that our artists are able to accommodate custom designs to coordinate with whatever motif you’re designing for your bathroom.


Tulip Vessel

A copper tulip with petals that are elegantly blooming would be an ideal bathroom fixture for a romantic, floral, or English Country design palette. Coordinated with an elegant oil rubbed bronze finished faucet, you’ll be delighted each time you wash your hands in the water that cascades into this lovely vessel.


Square Tapered Vessel

This pyramidal double-walled copper vessel sink screams its artisanal background, as a hand-hammered, 16-gauge copper piece crafted by 3rd generation coppersmiths. It is an extraordinary model to accompany a modern or contemporary style and can be installed as a normal vessel or as a partially-recessed vessel.


Zen Vessel

If you’re going for a minimalist, or spa-inspired relaxed atmosphere, consider installing the simple Zen Vessel. Its gentle curves mixed with sharp, square corners make for a sophisticated look and feel. This is one of our copper bathroom sinks that is sure to turn heads.