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Designer Profile: Cedar Hill Farmhouse

In the continuation of our Copper Sinks Online interior designer profile series, this month we are talking to Anita Joyce of Cedar Hill Farmhouse.

How long have you been in the interior design industry?Anita Joyce
3 years

What inspired you to become an interior designer?
I have always loved interior design and always dreamed of working as one. Alas, my father thought it wasn’t much of a career, so I went into engineering and worked as an engineer and consultant for years. Then when I began my design blog 3 years ago, I began writing about design every day, showing readers what I was doing with my home. Soon readers and others began to request I help them with their homes.

How would you describe your style?
I call it Farmhouse French. It’s a bit of country French with a little bit of farmhouse thrown in for good measure. I like to add rustic elements in unexpected ways.

French Country Bedroom

Who is your favorite designer? Who inspires you?
Charles Faudree and Rachel Ashwell are a few of my favorites.  I also follow many bloggers who have amazing style. I dare not list them here since I am sure to leave someone out.

Describe your design process.
Well sometimes I get to work on an entire room, and sometimes I am brought in to help on a small scale. Obviously, my approach is different depending on the amount of input I am allowed. I like to find out what a client wants to achieve then we work collaboratively to achieve that look. I like to have some inspiration photos from Houzz.com or Pinterest as a take-out point.

elegant enclosed porch

What are your favorite projects that you’ve completed in your career and why?
My own home of course. I got to design everything from the ground up since we had our home built. I got to pick out everything without having to consult with a client. I was the client.

What is your favorite color?
I love to work with grays right now.

What is the most unique/wackiest accessory you have bought to compliment a room?
A screen door I converted to a chalkboard.

Website: cedarhillfarmhouse.com
Facebook: CedarHillRanch