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Correcting Unwanted Copper Patina Colors

People have different preferences when it comes to copper tones. For those who pay close attention to color variations and want to “fix” their copper sink of these variations whether man-made or natural, here you will find useful information and directions to guide you through do-it-yourself methods for correcting unwanted copper patina colors.

Restore a Bright, Raw Copper Color 

There are a couple of different ways of treating a copper sink that has developed inconsistencies, marks, or undesirable looks with the patina finish.

  1. Most any copper cleaner (readily available at grocery or hardware stores) when used as directed, should remove all the discoloration and patina from the copper sink, and leave it with a bright, new copper color finish. 
  2. When the copper has an even tone all over after cleaning, use a product like Renaissance Wax to protect the copper and slow the natural patina process.  The wax will act as a temporary barrier to elements and substances that come into contact with the copper, and the wax will also encourage beading and shedding of most liquids, much like wax on the exterior of a car or boat. Use the wax sparingly and as directed, and apply once every 4-6 weeks, depending on the daily use of the copper sink. Keeping the bright shiny look will require regular polishing with a commercial copper polish. You can extend the time between polishing with an application of Renaissance Wax.

If you start with a bright, raw copper tone but desire a natural patina look of milk chocolate, caramel or pumpkin pie hues, you will need the patience to let nature (water and oxygen) takes its course on the copper over time. 


Darken a Shiny Spot in Your Patinaed Copper Sink