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Copper Tubs in Your Small Bathroom

Not everyone has a gigantic master bedroom with a huge ensuite bath, and if your master suite is a bit on the small side, you might think that your design options are limited. However, we have copper tubs, vanities, copper sinks and other design features that will enhance the design of any size bathroom. At Copper Sinks Online, we offer a wide variety of products designed specifically for the bathroom. Our extraordinary copper bathtubs and stunning copper sinks are two design options, and we also encourage customers to look at our selection of bathroom vanities and accessories.

When it comes to copper tubs, we offer several different styles that might work for a smaller bathroom. For instance, the Double Wall Copper Boat Tub has a large size with dimensions of 72”x46”x27” but we also have a smaller version that measures 66”x40”x21.5”.

Our Copper bathtub with Rings (shown to the left) is another option that is available in two sizes, the smaller of which is 66”x33”x33”. Our Copper Slipper Tub features dimensions about the same size as the Copper Tub with Rings, and this can be a beautiful addition to just about any style of bathroom.

The Nicole Bathtub is another option to consider, with the smaller version of this tub measuring at 60”x34”x27”. This is one of our most stunning copper tubs and truly can be considered a functional work of art.

Our Round Japanese-Style Copper Soaking Tub is ideal for a small bathroom with dimensions of just 45”x36”. This is the perfect artistic element for a sleek, contemporary bathroom. These are just a few of our copper tubs to consider.

However, in some cases, you might have a bathroom that is not large enough to house one of our copper tubs and instead has a shower or built-in shower/bath combination. To add copper elements to your bathroom, you might consider one of our copper bathroom sinks. We have oval and round undermount copper bathroom sinks as well as many styles of copper vessel sinks. These will fit in any bathroom and greatly enhance the design.

With a small bathroom, you want to conserve space as much as possible, but that doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice design. We have some extraordinary copper bathroom sinks that feature highly unique designs. For instance, our Tulip copper vessel sink and the Espeso Alegre copper vessel sink can serve as the focal point for any bathroom.

In addition to the copper tubs and copper bathroom sinks, we also offer stylish wood and copper vanities, and many of these will fit into a small bathroom and even a half-bathroom. The El Cerrito Wood and Copper Vanity and the San Miguel Wood and Copper Vanity (shown to the right) are two smaller options to consider and both have cabinets or drawers for storage, which is quite important in a smaller master bathroom.

Just because your bathroom is on the smaller side doesn’t mean you should sacrifice looks or quality. Our copper tubs and copper bathroom sinks are artisans crafted by the finest coppersmiths in the world. We use only 14-gauge or 16-gauge hammered copper for our tubs and sinks, and our copper is always 100% lead-free.

Browse through our website and take a look at the many options for your bathroom. If you need a custom size or custom style, give us a call. We create custom orders for clients every day and can have our coppersmiths' design and fashion something that truly suits your design needs.