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Copper Soaking Tubs & Slipper Tubs

If you truly want to transform your master bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary, a copper bathtub might be the perfect addition.  Not only are copper bathtubs stunning visually, they add a special warmth and ambiance to any master bathroom.

At Copper Sinks Online, we not only offer a wide variety of copper kitchen sinks and copper bathroom sinks, we have many artisan-crafted copper bathtubs. All of our copper bathtubs are handmade by third-generation coppersmiths using heavy 14-gauge copper.

For a modern or contemporary home, we have several different options.  We have three unique Oval Double Wall Copper Bathtubs, as well as a dramatic Rectangular Double Wall Copper Bathtub. Our Round Japanese-style Copper Soaking Tub would fit in beautifully in a modern-style bathroom or a bathroom with an Asian-influenced design.

If you have a bathroom with French country, Italian or traditional style, our copper slipper tubs would be an ideal addition. We also have a hand-hammered copper bathtub with rings on the side for a rustic touch. The design looks like something you might find in an English country estate or perhaps a Tuscan villa.

We have several different finishes available for our copper bathtubs. The Dark Smoke finish resembles oil rubbed bronze and is a dark, rich finish. The Rio Grande is a unique option with light and dark variation between the wells and ridges of the hammer marks. For a lighter finish, the Café Natural is stunning and resembles beautifully aged copper.

Generally, we recommend the Café Natural, Dark Smoke and Rio Grande options for copper bathtubs; however, we do offer a light, bright Matte Copper finish. This resembles the color of a new penny, but with a silky, matte finish rather than a polished shine. Because no aging is done while the bathtub is crafted, as time passes, the Matte Copper finish will age naturally and begin to resemble the Café Natural finish. If you prefer to maintain the raw copper color, simply use a copper polish to buff away any patina that begins to develop naturally as the tub is used.

In addition to copper bathtubs and copper bathroom sinks, you also might be interested in our faucets. For the copper bathtubs, you can select a Freestanding Tub Filler with a Hand Shower Wand or perhaps a waterfall roman tub filler faucet or another style which appeals to you. Floor mounted faucets work especially well with our copper bathtubs.

You also might want to consider some special accents such as copper mirror frames or perhaps copper lighting. Our copper accessories include electrical outlets and switch covers, as well as copper tables and even a handsome copper wastebasket. At Copper Sinks Online, all of our copper bathtubs, sinks and accessories are handcrafted using lead-free copper.