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Copper Kitchen Sinks: Some Options & Tips

Copper kitchen sinks not only enhance virtually any style of kitchen design, they are durable and even naturally anti-bacterial. If you plan on installing a beautiful, handcrafted kitchen sink, here are a few options to consider as well as some helpful tips.

We offer several different types of copper kitchen sinks. We have copper farmhouse sinks, two-tone copper farmhouse sinks, standard copper kitchen sinks and even a variety of prep sinks.

Our standard copper kitchen sinks include drop-in copper kitchen sinks or under-mounted copper kitchen sinks, and we have many styles available. We have sinks with one single well and copper kitchen sinks with two or even three wells if that is what you prefer.

We offer copper farmhouse sinks in two different styles. We have beautiful two-tone farmhouse sinks featuring many unique, handcrafted designs such as a Moroccan-inspired motif (shown to the left) or perhaps a stunning rounded farmhouse sink with a scroll motif. We also offer farmhouse sinks featuring a single copper finish, rather than two tones, and these are available in many different styles.

If your kitchen also has a spot for a prep sink, we highly recommend taking a look at our copper kitchen prep sinks. These can be crafted in many styles and you can select a finish that matches your main kitchen sink to create a cohesive design throughout your kitchen.

SoLuna copper finishes

For each of these handcrafted copper kitchen sinks, you will want to select a finish, and we have four different finishes available (shown to the right). Dark Smoke and Rio Grande feature deep, rich copper tones while our Matte Copper finish is brighter, and Café Natural is lighter than the first two finishes but deeper in tone than Matte Copper.

We also offer drains in several different finishes as well as faucets to complete the look of your copper kitchen sink. If you order a sink and a faucet at the same time, we will automatically deduct 20% of the price of the faucet from your total order.

Not all copper kitchen sinks are created equally. At Copper Sinks Online, quality is always our highest priority. All of our copper kitchen sinks are fashioned from 14-gauge copper. When it comes to copper, the thickness is extremely important and while a thicker gauge copper might be a bit costlier, they wear more evenly over time and do not produce a “tinny” sound when water runs over them. In addition, we’ve seen that some cheaper copper kitchen sinks contain lead, which is a health risk.

Our copper sinks are handcrafted and hammered by the finest coppersmiths in the world. These are artists whose families have been crafting copper for many generations. Our handcrafted copper kitchen sink truly will be one-of-a-kind and if you don’t see exactly the style of sink you need from our online selection, give us a call and we can commission a custom copper kitchen sink that meets all of your needs.