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Copper Gauge & Your Copper Sink

What is copper gauge and why does it matter when it comes to your kitchen sink? Copper is a natural element that comes from mined ore. Whether it comes from the Earth, or it is recycled from discarded scrap, typically copper is processed into two useful forms: sheets and wire strands. Copper's "gauge" is a measurement of its thickness. The higher the number, the thinner the material. People have come up with a plethora of uses for copper in various thicknesses, from architecture to jewelry.

Scan the infographic below for a quick guide to common copper gauges and its various applications, as well as the importance of shopping for a minimum of 14-gauge copper when you're looking for your new kitchen sink (available at CopperSinksOnline.com). Best gauge for copper kitchen sinks

We hope this guide helps you understand the importance of finding heavy gauge copper in the production of your copper kitchen sink. Please give our copper sink & tub experts a call at 877-340-0800 to begin your next project!