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Copper Farmhouse Sinks in Your Rustic Kitchen

At Copper Sinks Online, we have a huge selection of copper sinks, tubs, and accessories. Our copper farmhouse sinks are one of our most popular offerings, and there are many different types of copper farmhouse sinks to consider. For a home with a true country kitchen or a more contemporary rustic kitchen, here are a few styles that might be an excellent fit.

Rustic design tends to include many natural elements, such as reclaimed woods and stone. This is one reason why copper works so well in a rustic kitchen; it’s a beautiful natural element that ages and evolves over time.

For a rustic kitchen in a more country style, consider elements such as distressed cabinetry and a large butcher block center island. Our Squared Oval Single Well copper farmhouse sink (shown to the left) is one option to consider for a rustic country kitchen. There are also several rounded front copper farmhouse sinks that might be a great fit for this style of kitchen.

A copper farmhouse sink never goes out of style. As the years go by, you can alter your kitchen with a few new decorative elements and perhaps a different coat of paint, but that’s all you need to do to keep the look fresh and updated. Your sink will always serve as a stunning centerpiece, and each time you walk into your kitchen, you will be glad that you added this beautiful, functional piece of art.

Our copper farmhouse sinks truly are works of art. Each sink is handcrafted by a third-generation coppersmith from Santa Clara del Cobre in Mexico, which is world-renown for its copper industry. Our artisans use the finest reclaimed 14-gauge copper for each sink, and all sinks are 100% lead-free. Take a look at each copper farmhouse sink and you are sure to find the perfect option for your kitchen. However, if you don’t see exactly you want, we can create a handcrafted custom copper farmhouse sink just for you.