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Copper Farmhouse Sink – Contemporary Style

Looking back on the days of yesteryear, the kitchen sink really needed to be functional, since you had to go out to get water from the well or the lake, then schlepp the buckets of water back into the house.  These sinks had to be large and deep to hold all of that water.  These sinks had a single basin design, allowing it to be multi-functional. Just about everything was washed in the sink.  Because of this, it was a really convenient tool to have.

One unique aspect of the sink is the apron front, which allowed it to extend to the edges of the surrounding cabinets, so you really did not have to lean over to grab the dishes, pans, or anything else that was in the sink.

Today, the farmhouse sink is becoming a popular item, as homeowners are becoming interested in this timeless design.


The single basin style is a popular choice because you have the additional real estate to wash those larger items.  Have you ever tried to wash a cookie sheet in a double basin sink? 

In addition to the single or double basin options, you will also need to decide on the material.  A copper material will offer a contemporary look that will definitely make a statement.

Why choose a copper sink?


  • It is a durable material
  • It is beautiful
  •  It contains antimicrobial properties
  • Easier to clean vs. stainless steel


As you browse Copper Sinks Online, you will find that there are a number of styles to choose from. You will just need to select your preferred shape and your sink size.  Custom sizes are also available, so if you were looking for a beautiful contemporary sink, the copper farmhouse sink would be an excellent choice.