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Copper Bathroom Sinks In Your Master Bath

Often when people design a master bathroom, they focus on elements that make the biggest impact, such as the bathtub or the cabinetry. While these elements definitely set the tone for your master bathroom décor, smaller elements, such as a copper bathroom sink, can make a big impact on the overall finished design.

During the earliest days of the redesign process, you will need to decide whether you wish to install an undermount copper bathroom sink, a drop-in copper bathroom sink or perhaps a vessel copper bathroom sink. We have a variety of each of these options at Copper Sinks Online in several different shapes.

It can help to first browse through our selection of copper bathroom sinks and then identify the sink that you like the best. If you are also purchasing one of our luxurious copper bathtubs, be sure to select the same copper finish for all of your copper pieces to provide a sense of continuity within your design scheme.

Best gauge for copper kitchen sinks

While we have a large selection of round and oval copper bathroom sinks, we also have other shapes for you to consider. Our stunning Espeso Canto vessel copper bathroom sink (to the left) features a unique hexagonal design. The Tulip vessel copper bathroom sink is another unique option, resembling a tulip flower.

If you prefer a square or rectangular shape for your copper bathroom sink, we have those as well. For instance, the large Drop-In Trough copper bathroom sink (to the right) features an elegant curved inner basin. The rectangular Zen vessel copper bathroom sink is the ideal option for a sleek, modern bathroom or perhaps a bathroom that resembles the type of luxurious bathroom you might find at an upscale, tropical resort. These are just a few of the copper bathrooms sinks available at Copper Sinks Online.

SoLuna copper finishes

We also have several different copper finishes to consider for your copper bathroom sinks, as well as any other copper elements you wish to add to the master bathroom. Our finishes range from the deep, rick Dark Smoke finish to the brighter Matte Copper finish. Keep in mind that the patina of your copper can change a bit over the years, deepening and darkening slightly, creating that special aged look unique to copper.

Of course, the special touches that you add to your bathroom will include more than just copper bathroom sinks. Small elements such as copper plate covers, copper mirrors, copper faucets and other touches of copper are always a great idea to complement your copper bathroom sink and copper bathtub.

Copper light fixtures or simply adding unique lighting is another important design element. We have many unique custom lighting options at our sister site ArtisanCraftedLighting.com.