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Keys To Successful Bathroom Design

The master suite is meant to be a place of relaxation, so when designing this sumptuous space, one should take great care with both the bedroom design as well as the bathroom design.

1. A Copper Bathroom Sink Is The Perfect Touch

Perhaps we are biased, but at Copper Sinks Online, we truly believe that great bathroom design begins with a touch of copper. A copper bathroom sink is an impressive element that catches the eye in a way that no other type of sink material can. (Shown to the left: a custom installation of our 15" Oval Copper Bath Sink.) We have a huge selection of copper bathroom sinks to consider, including drop-in sinks, undermount copper bathrooms sinks and copper vessel sinks.

Copper bathroom sinks also are easy to clean and even are anti-microbial. You just clean a copper bathroom sink with a very mild soap and water, give it a good rinse and then pat the sink dry. If you like, the sink can be waxed with a special copper wax from time to time. This maintains the patina, however many people love the changes in the patina as the copper sink ages, so waxing is a matter of personal preference.

2. Lighting Design Is Essential

Sometimes people forget about the importance of lighting design when thinking about remodeling, but this makes a huge difference in the ambiance and the look of your bathroom. In addition, proper lighting makes it easier to groom, put in contact lenses, put on make-up and other tasks. We also feel that it’s important to add that proper lighting also enhances the look of your beautiful copper bathroom sinks.

At Copper Sinks Online, we sell more than copper bathroom sinks. We also carry many styles of copper lighting fixtures that would be the perfect accent to your copper bathroom sink. This includes several types of beautiful copper pendant lights.

3. Make Room For Storage

When it comes to designing bathrooms, adding adequate storage is an important consideration. Bathrooms need to have spaces for everything from towels to toothpaste to tweezers and much more. Without adequate storage, you tend to end up with everything cluttered on the countertop and this really distracts from your bathroom design.

If you have a smaller bathroom, it is wise to consider adding a vanity that provides you with plenty of storage. When selecting a copper bathroom sink for your vanity, you might consider a copper vessel sink as this can free up some storage space in the cabinet. We sell several different styles of vanities at Copper Sinks Online as well as on our sister site ArtisanCraftedHome.com.

4. Don't Forget The Small Details

To give a master bathroom a truly finished look, don't forget that small details can make a big impact. For instance, rather than install a basic mirror over the sink, add something with a touch of flair. You might consider adding an antique mirror or perhaps a mirror with a copper frame to accent your lovely copper bathroom sink. (Shown to the left: Mission-style Copper and Wood Trim Mirror.)

Even small items such as soap dishes or soap dispensers can add some warmth and charm. Fill mason jars or other pretty glass jars with cotton swabs and other supplies. Use baskets to hold carefully folded towels. Add copper drawer handles to accentuate the copper bathroom sink or perhaps hand-painted ceramic drawer pulls or antique glass knobs.


If you are searching for a copper bathroom sink, check out our selection of fine, handmade copper bathroom sinks. All of our sinks are 100% lead-free and all are hand-hammered by third generation coppersmiths in Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico, a village renowned throughout the world for its fine copper artistry. We have a huge selection of copper bathroom sinks, and you are sure to find one that suits your needs and the design of your master bathroom.