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A Two-Tone Copper Farmhouse Sink for Your Kitchen

When choosing an aesthetic for your kitchen, you should never feel limited when it comes to your kitchen sink. You may already know that you have a choice between standard and farmhouse style, and between a vast selection of materials from metals like copper, to wood and stone. If you narrow your selection down to one of our beautiful copper sinks, you may even realize that you have a choice in the patina finish color which helps ensure the copper tones coordinate with your particular home design style. One option you may not realize is available is your choice of a decorative motif in single or two-tone options. Take a look, and you’ll see the talent of our artisans is showcased beautifully on our exclusive line of two-tone copper farmhouse sinks.

As long as you have a large, exposed apron front on your kitchen sink, why not personalize your space with a two-tone motif? Our two-tone copper farmhouse sinks feature these intricate hand hammered, raised designs that range from elegant line patterns to detailed illustrations.

For an authentic Southwestern feel, consider the Santa Clara Otro or Ranchero motifs (shown below). Both of these models show the two-tone dimensional look that is created by applying two different copper patina finishes to the apron panel versus the background. These models coordinate well with a variety of faucet finishes, and certainly add a mixed-metal look and feel to a kitchen space.


If you appreciate a greater contrast in metallic tones, consider our Eden Model or Rounded Front Scroll Model, both of which feature a signature background of nickel plated copper. Setting the beautifully patina-finished raised motif against the light, shiny nickel background is an artistic technique that perfectly highlights the design, and also coordinates with any nearby stainless steel fixtures.

Although many of our copper kitchen sink models have been successfully paired with stainless faucets, dishwashers, and refrigerators, the nickel-plated models remain the most popular for that purpose. See our other article to Find the Right Copper Kitchen Sink Faucet for your particular sink.

Keep in mind that customization is available as well, as we love working with you and our talented artists to create the perfect centerpiece for your dream kitchen. Call today to speak to one of our helpful customer service representatives who can make it all happen: 1-360-321-2131.