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Comparing Copper Farmhouse Sinks

It's not always easy to know the quality of a product when you're shopping online. Here at Copper Sinks Online, we talk to lots of callers asking why they should consider our artisan crafted sinks when they could purchase an inexpensive copper sink from a big box store - it's a good question, with an easy answer! It's all about quality. In a series of previous articles on this blog, we described our side by side comparison of copper farmhouse sinks - one is our SoLuna brand, and one is a box store brand.

Click the link above to read the comparison in detail. For those of you who like visuals, we've created this infographic with the side by side comparison for you! Take a look, and you'll see why we recommend investing in a SoLuna brand copper sink every time.

Copper kitchen sinks compared

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