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How to Care For Your Copper Bathtub

While our website might be called CoppersSinksOnline.com, copper sinks are certainly not the only thing we sell. We do have a huge selection of copper sinks for your bathroom, kitchen or bar, but another popular offering is our selection of fine copper bathtubs. A copper bathtub is one of the most stylish items you can add to a bathroom, but before you buy, it's wise to learn a little bit about the copper tub.

Many people mistakenly believe that copper is extremely difficult to clean and maintain. Actually, copper is one of the easiest materials to maintain. After all, the typical ceramic can chip and scratch and requires strong chemicals for cleaning. A copper tub can simply be cleaned with mild soap and water, and then dried carefully. Harsh chemicals or abrasive sponges should never be used in a copper tub.

SoLuna copper patina finishes

When you order a copper bathtub, you will be able to select the finish style. We have four copper finish options shown to the left: Dark Smoke, Rio Grande, Café Natural and Matte Copper. For the Dark Smoke and Rio Grande finishes, simply wash with a gentle soap and soft cloth and then rinse and dry the copper tub.

For the Café Natural and Matte Copper finishes, you may want to apply special wax to the surface of the tub from time to time. This will protect the patina of the copper bathtub. However, it is wise to keep in mind that many people actually prefer the look of the patina as it ages and deepens, so waxing actually is optional, depending on your tastes. We have more information about proper copper cleaning and care on our website.

When you are shopping around for a copper bathtub, it's important to understand that all copper tubs are not created equally. Many big box stores sell a copper tub, but typically these products come from India and often contain lead. In addition, they construct the copper bathtub with a thinner gauge of copper than the copper used to make our copper bathtubs.

Every copper bathtub on our website is hand-hammered from 14-gauge copper, and crafted by second- and third-generation coppersmiths from Santa Clara del Cobre in Mexico. This is truly the center of the copper world, and the artisans in this small village are known as the finest coppersmiths on the planet. In addition, each copper tub is 100% lead-free and safe for your family.

Once you select the ideal copper tub for your space, you'll also want to take a look at our selection of drains and faucets. Our selection includes free-standing and floor-mounted tub filler faucets as well as faucets with hand showers and more. We also have shower faucets to consider so that you can purchase matching hardware for both the shower and copper tub.

If you are doing a complete bathroom remodel, you might consider adding copper bathroom sinks to your master bath, as well as the copper bathtub. You can purchase sinks with a matching finish for continuity, and we have undermount, drop-in and vessel copper sinks in a wide array of styles.