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Using a Bathroom Sink as a Bar Sink

Q: Can I use a bathroom sink as a bar sink?

A: Sure! Consider these four things:

  1. Consider how the bottoms are shaped and the overall design. Bath sinks typically have a rounded bottom, while bar sinks often have a flat and bigger bottom.
  2. If your intent is to have a place for you or your guests to put dirty glassware, a bar sink with a flat bottom has more interior space and will hold more items. Glasses will stand vertically inside, too. With a round-bottomed bath sink, glassware will not easily stand vertically and the shallow basin might cause your glassware to tumble toward the drain. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose sink that can also serve as a sunken ice bucket, the flat-bottomed bar sink will hold more ice and bottles. If you want a sink to be able to rinse items, wash hands, or prep garnishes and appetizers, both styles will work well.
  3. Think about what it will look like after installation. Will the bath sink look awkward or out of place? A typical bath sink might not be the best fit, but a unique bath sink like our Trough, Charola, or apron front Bandeja would look and function great. Each of these sinks is reminiscent of a utility sink, without being super deep and large like most utility sinks are.  
  4. Lastly, a minor detail is the drain size. A bath sink typically has a 1.5″ drain opening, while most bar sinks have a 2″ drain opening. Check your options with drain styles in each size to see which you prefer.

Have fun finding the right sink that suits your needs!