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Congratulations on purchasing a premier SoLuna brand copper sink! Caring for your SoLuna copper sink is surprisingly easy, they’re virtually maintenance free.

Please note: these recommendations are for our SoLuna brand copper sinks. If you purchased a copper sink elsewhere, we suggest you contact the business you bought your sink from for maintenance and care suggestions of their sink. We are experts with our SoLuna copper sinks, not every copper sink on the market. Read this article about our copper sink competition.

For basic cleaning, simply use a mild soap and water—other cleaners are not necessary.

The one precaution we advise is to avoid leaving harsh chemicals and acidic foods in a copper sink. These can temporarily lighten the patina finish—whether a natural patina or an applied patina finish. Read further details here. Therefore, we recommend you avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials on our copper products. With the exception of a SoLuna Matte Copper sink that you want to keep shiny, don’t use copper polish on our other copper sink finishes of Dark Smoke, Rio Grande and Cafe Natural.

Regardless of which SoLuna patina you chose, a copper finish is a living finish and never really stops changing in color. The gradual evolution of a copper finish is an interesting process. As the surface ages and mellows it becomes even more handsome. If you like, you can greatly reduce this change with the use of Renaissance Wax.


If you live in an area where the water has a high mineral content, you may want to wipe your sink down periodically with a soft cloth to avoid water spotting. For extra protection, a product such as Renaissance Wax may be applied periodically to the clean copper surface. This will help maintain the luster and provide faster water runoff.

Do you need to wax your SoLuna copper sink? That depends. Read this.

Consider a sink grate as another way to enhance the look of your beautiful copper sink.

Enjoy the living qualities of your beautiful, hand hammered SoLuna sink—it’s truly a unique and functional work of art!

Maintenance Tips for SoLuna Finishes

Dark Smoke and Rio Grande Finishes

Oval Copper Bath Sink dragonfly design rio grande patina

Wiping your sink down with soap and water is generally all the cleaning your SoLuna copper sink will need. Be sure to keep copper cleaners, copper polishes, chemical cleaners and scrubbing pads away from your copper sink as they can all remove the darker color.

Acidic foods such as lemon, salsa and ketchup can lighten the finish too, if they are left sitting in the sink. This will not harm the copper sink if this does happen, and the patina will naturally darken again in time, but not to the degree of our Dark Smoke and Rio Grande finishes.

You can darken light spots further with a home darkening remedy of 1 teaspoon salt dissolved in ¼ cup ammonia. Apply the solution to the light areas, let dry for 30 minutes and repeat until the spot matches the rest of the sink. Apply Renaissance Wax to protect the newly patinaed area.

Café Natural

Oval Joined Rings design copper bath sink cafe natural patina

Your Café Natural patina finish will continue to change in tone and may develop some lighter and darker areas with time. If you would like to maintain the even coloration, we suggest regular applications of Renaissance Wax or carnauba wax on your new sink.

A great option is to have your new copper sink pre-waxed by us before it ships to you (you'll see this in Step 3 of the order process, called Protect Your Finish). Also, you can choose from two different tin sizes of wax, 65 ml or 200 ml, to use for ongoing maintenance of your copper sink.

Matte Copper

Single Well Copper Kitchen Sink matte copper patina

SoLuna’s Matte Copper finish can be treated in two ways—you can leave it to patina naturally or maintain it in the bright shiny, new copper state. The first option will be the lowest maintenance of all copper sinks—simply wash the sink with soap and water and let it patina naturally.

The shiny option will be the highest maintenance, and is the only finish on which you can use a copper cleaner. Polish the sink every so often to remove the patina and bring the luster of the bright copper back again.

After polishing, we recommend you apply a coat of Renaissance Wax to give the finish a little protection and extend the time between polishings.

Two-Tone Copper Sinks with Nickel Plated Inlays

Scroll Design Rounded Front Farmhouse Two Tone Copper Sink

Most homeowners today are familiar with stainless steel sinks. But nickel plating is completely different. Plated nickel is more like silver plate—it will gradually develop a patina over time.

Most common metal cleaners can be used to brighten the nickel finish periodically, but use them carefully. The nickel plating is only a thin layer covering copper. Over-zealous rubbing can remove some of the nickel, allowing the copper color to show through. Also, if the copper portions of your sink have a patina, keep the metal cleaner away from the copper. We recommend using Renaissance Wax or carnauba wax on these sinks to avoid metal cleaner mishaps.

For further information, please refer to the Copper Sink FAQs.

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