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The Evolving Finish of Copper in Water

Copper is used in many environments and applications because of its impressive resistance to corrosion, and resistance to permeation by liquids and gases, among other superior qualities. Having been in the copper sink, tub, and accessory industry for over a decade, we have observed copper reacting to water in several unique ways. Those who have lived and worked with copper will tell you that it is a beautiful, interesting material with a unique living finish. To love copper is to understand copper, and below we will help you do just that. Today we are highlighting some common results of placing copper in water.

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The Rise in Copper Theft

As one might expect, when the value of scrap metal increases, so too does the occurrence of copper theft around the world. Approaching 2011 and 2012, prices in copper as a commodity were dramatically increasing. Recent copper prices have appeared relatively steady but certainly remain high enough to draw interest from the copper wire black market.

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The Healing Metal: The Power of Copper

A New Dawn

Copper is among the oldest materials used by mankind, and the first metal to be worked into useful tools, weapons, and beautiful jewelry. It may also be a metal with the power to heal. The properties of copper have long been believed to provide a long list of health benefits, both healing and preventative. From protecting us from dangerous microbes to antioxidant free-radical-fighting power, copper is a metal with beauty that’s more than skin deep.

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Can You Make a Custom Sink for Me?

Yes, we can make a custom sink for you! We can customize almost any of our copper products.

We can make almost anything you can imagine! Because all of our copper sinks are hand-made, it is relatively simple to make a custom sink for you.

With a simple sketch or a few photos and a bit of collaboration, we can help you out. We can make slight adjustments to our existing designs, or create something completely new.

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