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Five Extraordinary Copper Bathroom Sinks

“Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.” This sentiment is inspiring while embarking on a new project, providing encouragement that no matter the starting point, any space can be transformed into a place you deem beautiful. One approach that our customers are finding adds just the right touch to their bathroom renovations is installing one of our artisan copper bathroom sinks. No matter the style, finish, or motif that you choose, a copper bathroom sink like the ones below will certainly be the essential piece that makes your bathroom space beautiful.

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The Next Power Couple: A Copper Sink and Vanity

At some point or another, we’ve all come across a mismatched pair. You know, when one element far exceeds the beauty or quality of its counterpart. Like Beauty and the Beast. Or, fine French wine paired with Cheez Whiz. We want to help you avoid this situation with your artisan, hand-hammered copper sink and vanity! The beauty and quality of your new sink deserves better than a manufactured, big box store vanity, doesn’t it? We think so!

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A Copper Bath Tub as Your Bathroom’s Focal Point

Wouldn’t we all love an excuse to make more time for luxurious baths? Often, the time reserved for slipping into the tub can be compared to their most common physical location – cramped, and pushed into a corner. Simply looking outside the box by designing around a freestanding copper bath tub will open up a wide variety of bathroom design scenarios – and soon, a bubble bath will be at the top of your To Do list.

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